Imlie 4 February 2021 Written Update: The truth of the marriage of Aditya Imlie will be revealed in front of the whole family, a big twist awaits

Imlie 4 Feb 2021 written update

A big twist is set to appear in the upcoming episode of the Star Plus serial Imlie. According to the track released, during Vat Savitri Puja, the whole family is busy performing rituals, Imlie also worships. She worships Aditya with a picture in front. Imlie fasts for Aditya’s well being as she is married to him. But when the whole family returns, Malini’s mother Anu is shocked to see sindoor in her demand.

She angrily asks Anu why she has planted sindhoor while she is a virgin. Imlie says that she had applied sindhoor just like that, but Anu is not ready to accept it. She clearly says that if she has applied sindhoor just like that, then wipe it. If she refuses to do so, Anu says that she will wipe her sindhoor on her own.

Aditya feels bad about Anu’s violent behavior towards Imlie. Anu does not stop, and Aditya becomes restless to reveal the whole truth. It will be interesting to see what happens next on the show. Will he tell the whole family that Aditya and Imlie were forcefully married in Pagdandiya? Will Aditya’s wife Malini be able to tolerate this truth?

You saw that Aditya’s attitude has softened towards Imlie. Vat Savitri fasts for Aditya even in Imlie, about which Aditya comes to know. He clearly tells Imlie that our marriage is a compulsion, and he only and only loves Malini. Imlie gets a little upset thinking this but says that she never wants to come between Malini and Aditya.

At the same time, Malini’s father has come to know that Imlie is his daughter. He tells his mother that Imlie is his granddaughter. Here Anu suspects that there is some secret in Imlie and her husband because their attitude changes whenever they come in front of them. She vows to reveal the truth of both. Will Anu know the truth of Imlie. Will Imlie come to know that Malini is his sister.


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