How to get free coins and gems in Tennis Clash Fun Sports Games tutorial

tennis clash free coins gems tutorial

Tennis Clash is one of the trending games of October 2019 and millions are playing this sports game due to its easy nature and playing style. It gets addictive and we keep spending our time and money (yes you need coins and gems) to progress in this game. It’s an extremely fast-paced game for Android and IOS platforms.Coins are the main currency of the game and are used mainly for upgrades. Gems are the premium paid currency of the game and are optional but essential. They are used to speed upgrades combined with other premium purchases

Tennis Clash Free Coins and Gems Tutorial

  • The best method to earn coins is by winning matches again players
  • Make note that you will lose coins when you lose a match
  • You will never run out of coins even if you’re bad at this game as if you’re below 500 coins you can watch ad videos for 100 coins an ad and get back until you reach the minimum of 500 coins.
  • Just hit the ad play button that keeps popping up for free coins under various tours, watch an ad and get 100 coins for free
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for the ads to load, if you close the ads pre-maturely you will not be able to get those 100 coins for free
  • Open shorter and longer bags without fail as and when you get them. These bags contain equipment and coins which is totally free. So never miss a second opening these bags
  • Free bags and point bags also contains free gems which is otherwise paid. Collect free bags whenever they become ready to collect
  • Ensure that you have push notification enabled for this game as this would be a reminded to collect these free bags.
  • It’s usually one or two free bags releases every free four hours. Use them to collect gems for free
  • Point bags are also a great source for free coins and gems. All you have to do is get points in a game or tournament, you dont have to beat your opponent to get point bags. You just have to gain points.
  • Unlock the tournaments by winning tour 3 and reaching tour 4, you can compete against 19 players for a time period. The higher you rank in the tournament the more coins and gems you get
  • If you plan on spending buy welcome pack or one of the limited edition packs. They contain more gems per spending and also contains bonus cards, coins, equipments and new characters
  • If you make a mistake by spending all gems too early disconnect from gamecentre, facebook, delete all data, restart again. Make sure to spend coins wisely this time.
  • Dont waste your gems in speeding up upgrades. That’s not the best way to spend gems. Use them to collect gem-specific rare items.
  • You can buy gems to convert into coins and get upgrades to the already owned cards or equipments.


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