How to easily get a Duplicate Driving License in Tamil Nadu in 2020

duplicate license tamilnadu online

It used to be really difficult if any original document is lost and since most of us carry original license things were difficult when they get misplaced or lost. But Tamil Nadu Government had made it easy to get a new duplicate license if they are lost or misplaced. Here are the step by step information on applying and procuring a duplicate license without bribing or paying anything extra other than the required cost.

How to get a duplicate license online easily in Tamil Nadu in 2020

  • One of the main documents for getting a duplicate driving licence is the Lost Document Report or LDR, now it can be applied online
  • The website for the online application to get the LDR is
  • The applicant will have to fill in the details and upload an identity proof issued by the government
  • This will generate a Lost Document Report, with a unique number
  • The report can be downloaded immediately
  • It will also be automatically forwarded to the e-mail address entered while registering
  • Now The applicant has to first pay the required fees for the driving licence at
  • Select ‘Application Fee’ Under ‘EPAYMENT’ menu
  • Enter Application Number and Birth Date in the corresponding fields
  • Click on ‘Click Here to Calculate Fee’ Button
  • Verify details
  • Select bank/ gateway from the drop-down
  • Enter generated code in the corresponding field
  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ Button to continue the payment
  • Once the payment is made, a payment receipt will be generated
  • The applicant will also get an SMS for the fee paid.
  • If the applicant’s age is above 40, he has to get a medical certificate from a doctor. The form for this (Form 1A) is available in the Parivahan website (
  • The applicant will also have to download and fill the Driving Licence application form (Form 4) from the same website.
  • The applicant then has to visit the Regional Transport Office in the area, with the downloaded LDR, an affidavit from a Notary Public authenticating the applicant’s identity on a Rs 10 stamp paper and the payment receipt. (The Notary Public will issue the affidavit after verifying the applicant’s identity with an approved identity document.)
  • After the application is processed, the applicant will get an SMS, with the date on which he has to collect the duplicate driver’s licence
  • He has to go on the allotted date to receive the licence


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