How to Celebrate Vinayagar Chaturthi 2019: Pooja Procedure, Rituals, Vinayagar Ashtotharam, Sankata Nasana Ganapati Stotram 


Vinayagar Chathurthi or Ganesh Chathurthi is widely celebrated by Hindus across the world. The festival marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha (known as “Vinayagar” in the Southern portions of India). Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva. Vinayagar or Lord Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of Beginnings and Remover of Obstacles. Most of the Hindu ceremonies or poojas begin with a prayer to Lord Ganesha because of the same.

The depiction of Lord Ganesha is with a elephant head and face, pot belly and four arms riding on a mouse.

When is Vinayagar Chathurthi Celebrated?

Vinayagar Chathurthi is a ten day long festival which is celebrated during the Month of Avani in the Tamil calendar, Bhadra in the Hindi calendar which falls in the month of August or September in the English calendar. After the ten days of celebrations, the idols used during the puja and festivities are taken to the river, lakes or ponds and immersed which signifies the journey of Lord Ganesh to his abode in Kailash after taking the misfortunes of the people along with him.

Vinayagar Chathurthi 2019 falls on the 2nd of September 2019.

How to Celebrate Vinayagar Chathurthi At Home?

The following pooja procedure for Vinayagar Chathurthi is derived from the book  “Avanai maadha Pooja Vidhanam”.

Rituals of Vinayagar Chathurthi

The festivities at home begin with buying or making a clay idol of the Lord. A lot of food items including “modaks” or “kozhakattai” is prepared at home for offering to the God. Other dishes include Karanji, laddu, barfi, peda, vada, sundal and appam.

The clay idol of Lord Ganesha is given a ‘snanam’ or scared bath with holy water and adorned with flowers. The deepam or jyothi is lit and the aarti procedure begins. This is followed by chanting of Ganesha’s mantras, bhajans and slokas. In some parts of India, Gowri Vrat is performed for women on the same day for their long life and prosperity.

Checklist for Abishekam and Pooja on Vinayagar Chathurthi (Common)

  • Ganesh idol
  • Flowers
  • Milk
  • Curd
  • Honey
  • Tender coconut water
  • Water
  • Rice flour
  • Sesame oil
  • Turmeric powder
  • Shikakai powder
  • Kumkum, Sandal paste
  • Panchamirtham (Sweet delicacy consisting of Panch(5) items: Milk, Sugar, Ghee (clarified butter), Honey, Bananas)

Significance of Vinayagar Abishekam Items

Abhishekam for Vinayagar is usually performed by the elder members of a family. The checklist for abishekham items as listed below is kept ready close to the pooja mandal and the idol. The significance of each item for Vinayagar abhishekam is as listed below:

  • HONEY – Melodious voice
    RICE POWDER – Frees from debts
    SUGAR CANE JUICE – Gives good health and removes enmity
    LIME JUICE – Removes fear of death
    TENDER COCONUT JUICE – Gives enjoyment and full satisfaction in life
    SANDAL PASTE – Gives Lakshmi’s Grace
    SUGAR – Removes enmity
    PANCHAGAVYAM – Removes all sins of mankind
    PANCHAMRUTHAM – Gives wealth
    GHEE- Gives Moksha state
    MILK – Gives long life
    CURD – Gives Good Children

    Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Vakratundaya dheemahi, Tanno Danti Prachodayat”

Checklist for Decoration on Vinayagar Chathurthi Tamil Puja

  • Vastram for Ganesha ( New blouse bit or dhoti cloth)
  • Kumkum and Sandal powder
  • Incense stick
  • Camphor
  • Sesame oil and ghee for lamp
  • All Fruits, coconut, betel leaves & betel nut for offering
  • Banana leaf
  • Turmeric powder for manjal pillayar
  • Mupiri nool for poonool ( 3 threaded string)
  • ArugamPul (Bermuda grass (English). Arugampul (Tamil). Dhub (Hindi). Durva (Sanskrit). Karuka (Malayalam). Garikagoddi (Telugu). Garikoihallu (Kannada))
  • Vellerukku Malai ( refer the above picture)
  • Tulsi can be used for decoration but its allowed only on this festival day.
  • Flowers

Vinayagar Ashtotharam

| Ganesha Ashtothara Shantanamavali in English

  1. Gajanana – Om Gajananaya Namah
    Ganadhyaksha – Om Ganadhyakshaya Namah
  2. Vighnaraja – Om Vighnarajaya Namah
  3. Vinayaka – Om Vinayakaya Namah
  4. Dvaimatura – Om Dvaimaturaya Namah
  5. Dwimukha – Om Dwimukhaya Namah
  6. Pramukha – Om Pramukhaya Namah
  7. Sumukha – Om Sumukhaya Namah
  8. Kriti – Om Kritine Namah
  9. Supradipa – Om Supradipaya Namah
  10. Sukhanidhi – Om Sukhanidhaye Namah
  11. Suradhyaksha – Om Suradhyakshaya Namah
  12. Sovereign of the Gods
  13. Surarighna – Om Surarighnaya Namah
  14. Mahaganapati – Om Mahaganapataye Namah
  15. Manya – Om Manyaya Namah
  16. Mahakala – Om Mahakalaya Namah
  17. Mahabala – Om Mahabalaya Namah
  18. Heramba – Om Herambaya Namah
  19. Lambajathara – Om Lambajatharayai Namah
  20. Haswagriva – Om Haswa Grivaya Namah
  21. Mahodara – Om Mahodaraya Namah
  22. Madotkata – Om Madotkataya Namah
  23. Mahavira – Om Mahaviraya Namah
  24. Mantrine – Om Mantrine Namah
  25. Mangala Swara – Om Mangala Swaraya Namah
  26. Pramadha – Om Pramadhaya Namah
  27. Prathama – Om Prathamaya Namah
  28. Prajna – Om Prajnaya Namah
  29. Vighnakarta – Om Vighnakartre Namah
  30. Vignaharta – Om Vignahartre Namah
  31. Vishwanetra – Om Vishwanetre Namah
  32. Viratpati – Om Viratpataye Namah
  33. Shripati – Om Shripataye Namah
  34. Vakpati – Om Vakpataye Namah
  35. Shringarin – Om Shringarine Namah
  36. Ashritavatsala – Om Ashritavatsalaya Namah
  37. Shivapriya – Om Shivapriyaya Namah
  38. Shighrakarina – Om Shighrakarine Namah
  39. Shashwata – Om Shashwataya Namah
  40. Bala – Om Bala Namah
  41. Balotthitaya – Om Balotthitaya Namah
  42. Bhavatmajaya – Om Bhavatmajaya Namah
  43. Purana Purusha – Om Purana Purushaya Namah
  44. Pushne – Om Pushne Namah
  45. Pushkarotshipta Varine – Om Pushkarotshipta Varine Namah
  46. Agraganyaya – Om Agraganyaya Namah
  47. Agrapujyaya – Om Agrapujyaya Namah
  48. Agragamine – Om Agragamine Namah
  49. Mantrakrite – Om Mantrakrite Namah
  50. Chamikaraprabhaya – Om Chamikaraprabhaya Namah
  51. Sarvaya – Om Sarvaya Namah
  52. Sarvopasyaya – Om Sarvopasyaya Namah
  53. Sarvakartre – Om Sarva Kartre Namah
  54. Sarvanetre – Om Sarvanetre Namah
  55. Sarvasiddhipradaya – Om Sarvasiddhipradaya Namah
  56. Siddhaye – Om Siddhaye Namah
  57. Panchahastaya – Om Panchahastaya Namah
  58. Parvatinadanaya – Om Parvatinandanaya Namah
  59. Prabhave – Om Prabhave Namah
  60. Kumaragurave – Om Kumaragurave Namah
  61. Akshobhyaya – Om Akshobhyaya Namah
  62. Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya – Om Kunjarasura Bhanjanaya Namah
  63. Pramodaya – Om Pramodaya Namah
  64. Modakapriyaya – Om Modakapriyaya Namah
  65. Kantimate – Om Kantimate Namah
  66. Dhritimate – Om Dhritimate Namah
  67. Kamine – Om Kamine Namah
  68. Kapitthapanasapriyaya – Om Kapitthapanasapriyaya Namah
  69. Brahmacharine – Om Brahmacharine Namah
  70. Brahmarupine – Om Brahmarupine Namah
  71. Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve – Om Brahmavidyadi Danabhuve Namah
  72. Jishnave – Om Jishnave Namah
  73. Vishnupriyaya – Om Vishnupriyaya Namah
  74. Bhakta Jivitaya – Om Bhakta Jivitaya Namah
  75. Jitamanmadhaya – Om Jitamanmadhaya Namah
  76. Aishwaryakaranaya – Om Aishwaryakaranaya Namah
  77. Jyayase – Om Jyayase Namah
  78. Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya – Om Yaksha Kinnerasevitaya Namah
  79. Ganga Sutaya – Om Ganga Sutaya Namah
  80. Ganadhishaya – Om Ganadhishaya Namah
  81. Gambhira Ninadaya – Om Gambhira Ninadaya Namah
  82. Vatave – Om Vatave Namah
  83. Abhishtavaradaya – Om Abhishtavaradaya Namah
  84. Jyotishe – Om Jyotishe Namah
  85. Bhktanidhaye – Om Bhktanidhaye Namah
  86. Bhavagamyaya – Om Bhavagamyaya Namah
  87. Mangalapradaya – Om Mangalapradaya Namah
  88. Avyaktaya – Om Avyaktaya Namah
  89. Aprakrita Parakramaya – Om Aprakrita Parakramaya Namah
  90. Satyadharmine – Om Satyadharmine Namah
  91. Sakhaye – Om Sakhaye Namah
  92. Sarasambunidhaye – Om Sarasambunidhaye Namah
  93. Maheshaya – Om Maheshaya Namah
  94. Divyangaya – Om Divyangaya Namah
  95. Manikinkini Mekhalaya – Om Manikinkini Mekhalaya Namah
  96. Samasta Devata Murtaye – Om Samasta Devata Murtaye Namah
  97. Sahishnave – Om Sahishnave Namah
  98. Satatotthitaya – Om Satatotthitaya Namah
  99. Vighatakarine – Om Vighatakarine Namah
  100. Vishwagdrishe – Om Vishwagdrishe Namah
  101. Vishwarakshakrite – Om Vishwarakshakrite Namah
  102. Kalyanagurave – Om Kalyanagurave Namah
  103. Unmattaveshaya – Om Unmattaveshaya Namah
  104. Aparajite – Om Aparajite Namah
  105. Samsta Jagadadharaya – Om Samsta Jagadadharaya Namah
  106. Sarwaishwaryapradaya – Om Sarwaishwaryapradaya Namah
  107. Akranta Chida Chitprabhave -Om Akranta Chida Chitprabhave Namah
  108. Shri Vighneshwaraya – Om Shri Vighneshwaraya Namah


ఓం గజాననాయ నమః
ఓం గణాధ్యక్షాయ నమః
ఓం విఘ్నారాజాయ నమః
ఓం వినాయకాయ నమః
ఓం ద్త్వెమాతురాయ నమః
ఓం ద్విముఖాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రముఖాయ నమః
ఓం సుముఖాయ నమః
ఓం కృతినే నమః
ఓం సుప్రదీప్తాయ నమః (10)
ఓం సుఖనిధయే నమః
ఓం సురాధ్యక్షాయ నమః
ఓం సురారిఘ్నాయ నమః
ఓం మహాగణపతయే నమః
ఓం మాన్యాయ నమః
ఓం మహాకాలాయ నమః
ఓం మహాబలాయ నమః
ఓం హేరంబాయ నమః
ఓం లంబజఠరాయ నమః
ఓం హ్రస్వగ్రీవాయ నమః (20)
ఓం మహోదరాయ నమః
ఓం మదోత్కటాయ నమః
ఓం మహావీరాయ నమః
ఓం మంత్రిణే నమః
ఓం మంగళ స్వరాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రమధాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రథమాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రాజ్ఞాయ నమః
ఓం విఘ్నకర్త్రే నమః
ఓం విఘ్నహంత్రే నమః (30)
ఓం విశ్వనేత్రే నమః
ఓం విరాట్పతయే నమః
ఓం శ్రీపతయే నమః
ఓం వాక్పతయే నమః
ఓం శృంగారిణే నమః
ఓం అశ్రిత వత్సలాయ నమః
ఓం శివప్రియాయ నమః
ఓం శీఘ్రకారిణే నమః
ఓం శాశ్వతాయ నమః
ఓం బలాయ నమః (40)
ఓం బలోత్థితాయ నమః
ఓం భవాత్మజాయ నమః
ఓం పురాణ పురుషాయ నమః
ఓం పూష్ణే నమః
ఓం పుష్కరోత్షిప్త వారిణే నమః
ఓం అగ్రగణ్యాయ నమః
ఓం అగ్రపూజ్యాయ నమః
ఓం అగ్రగామినే నమః
ఓం మంత్రకృతే నమః
ఓం చామీకర ప్రభాయ నమః (50)
ఓం సర్వాయ నమః
ఓం సర్వోపాస్యాయ నమః
ఓం సర్వ కర్త్రే నమః
ఓం సర్వనేత్రే నమః
ఓం సర్వసిధ్ధి ప్రదాయ నమః
ఓం సర్వ సిద్ధయే నమః
ఓం పంచహస్తాయ నమః
ఓం పార్వతీనందనాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రభవే నమః
ఓం కుమార గురవే నమః (60)
ఓం అక్షోభ్యాయ నమః
ఓం కుంజరాసుర భంజనాయ నమః
ఓం ప్రమోదాయ నమః
ఓం మోదకప్రియాయ నమః
ఓం కాంతిమతే నమః
ఓం ధృతిమతే నమః
ఓం కామినే నమః
ఓం కపిత్థవనప్రియాయ నమః
ఓం బ్రహ్మచారిణే నమః
ఓం బ్రహ్మరూపిణే నమః (70)
ఓం బ్రహ్మవిద్యాది దానభువే నమః
ఓం జిష్ణవే నమః
ఓం విష్ణుప్రియాయ నమః
ఓం భక్త జీవితాయ నమః
ఓం జిత మన్మథాయ నమః
ఓం ఐశ్వర్య కారణాయ నమః
ఓం జ్యాయసే నమః
ఓం యక్షకిన్నెర సేవితాయ నమః
ఓం గంగా సుతాయ నమః
ఓం గణాధీశాయ నమః (80)
ఓం గంభీర నినదాయ నమః
ఓం వటవే నమః
ఓం అభీష్ట వరదాయినే నమః
ఓం జ్యోతిషే నమః
ఓం భక్త నిథయే నమః
ఓం భావ గమ్యాయ నమః
ఓం మంగళ ప్రదాయ నమః
ఓం అవ్వక్తాయ నమః
ఓం అప్రాకృత పరాక్రమాయ నమః
ఓం సత్యధర్మిణే నమః (90)
ఓం సఖయే నమః
ఓం సరసాంబు నిథయే నమః
ఓం మహేశాయ నమః
ఓం దివ్యాంగాయ నమః
ఓం మణికింకిణీ మేఖాలాయ నమః
ఓం సమస్తదేవతా మూర్తయే నమః
ఓం సహిష్ణవే నమః
ఓం సతతోత్థితాయ నమః
ఓం విఘాత కారిణే నమః
ఓం విశ్వగ్దృశే నమః (100)
ఓం విశ్వరక్షాకృతే నమః
ఓం కళ్యాణ గురవే నమః
ఓం ఉన్మత్త వేషాయ నమః
ఓం అపరాజితే నమః
ఓం సమస్త జగదాధారాయ నమః
ఓం సర్త్వెశ్వర్యప్రదాయ నమః
ఓం ఆక్రాంత చిద చిత్ప్రభవే నమః
ఓం శ్రీ విఘ్నేశ్వరాయ నమః (108)


ഓം ഗജാനനായ നമഃ
ഓം ഗണാധ്യക്ഷായ നമഃ
ഓം വിഘ്നാരാജായ നമഃ
ഓം വിനായകായ നമഃ
ഓം ദ്ത്വെമാതുരായ നമഃ
ഓം ദ്വിമുഖായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രമുഖായ നമഃ
ഓം സുമുഖായ നമഃ
ഓം കൃതിനേ നമഃ
ഓം സുപ്രദീപ്തായ നമഃ (10)
ഓം സുഖനിധയേ നമഃ
ഓം സുരാധ്യക്ഷായ നമഃ
ഓം സുരാരിഘ്നായ നമഃ
ഓം മഹാഗണപതയേ നമഃ
ഓം മാന്യായ നമഃ
ഓം മഹാകാലായ നമഃ
ഓം മഹാബലായ നമഃ
ഓം ഹേരംബായ നമഃ
ഓം ലംബജഠരായ നമഃ
ഓം ഹ്രസ്വഗ്രീവായ നമഃ (20)
ഓം മഹോദരായ നമഃ
ഓം മദോത്കടായ നമഃ
ഓം മഹാവീരായ നമഃ
ഓം മംത്രിണേ നമഃ
ഓം മംഗള സ്വരായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രമധായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രഥമായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രാജ്ഞായ നമഃ
ഓം വിഘ്നകര്ത്രേ നമഃ
ഓം വിഘ്നഹംത്രേ നമഃ (30)
ഓം വിശ്വനേത്രേ നമഃ
ഓം വിരാട്പതയേ നമഃ
ഓം ശ്രീപതയേ നമഃ
ഓം വാക്പതയേ നമഃ
ഓം ശൃംഗാരിണേ നമഃ
ഓം അശ്രിത വത്സലായ നമഃ
ഓം ശിവപ്രിയായ നമഃ
ഓം ശീഘ്രകാരിണേ നമഃ
ഓം ശാശ്വതായ നമഃ
ഓം ബലായ നമഃ (40)
ഓം ബലോത്ഥിതായ നമഃ
ഓം ഭവാത്മജായ നമഃ
ഓം പുരാണ പുരുഷായ നമഃ
ഓം പൂഷ്ണേ നമഃ
ഓം പുഷ്കരോത്ഷിപ്ത വാരിണേ നമഃ
ഓം അഗ്രഗണ്യായ നമഃ
ഓം അഗ്രപൂജ്യായ നമഃ
ഓം അഗ്രഗാമിനേ നമഃ
ഓം മംത്രകൃതേ നമഃ
ഓം ചാമീകര പ്രഭായ നമഃ (50)
ഓം സര്വായ നമഃ
ഓം സര്വോപാസ്യായ നമഃ
ഓം സര്വ കര്ത്രേ നമഃ
ഓം സര്വനേത്രേ നമഃ
ഓം സര്വസിധ്ധി പ്രദായ നമഃ
ഓം സര്വ സിദ്ധയേ നമഃ
ഓം പംചഹസ്തായ നമഃ
ഓം പാര്വതീനംദനായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രഭവേ നമഃ
ഓം കുമാര ഗുരവേ നമഃ (60)
ഓം അക്ഷോഭ്യായ നമഃ
ഓം കുംജരാസുര ഭംജനായ നമഃ
ഓം പ്രമോദായ നമഃ
ഓം മോദകപ്രിയായ നമഃ
ഓം കാംതിമതേ നമഃ
ഓം ധൃതിമതേ നമഃ
ഓം കാമിനേ നമഃ
ഓം കപിത്ഥവനപ്രിയായ നമഃ
ഓം ബ്രഹ്മചാരിണേ നമഃ
ഓം ബ്രഹ്മരൂപിണേ നമഃ (70)
ഓം ബ്രഹ്മവിദ്യാദി ദാനഭുവേ നമഃ
ഓം ജിഷ്ണവേ നമഃ
ഓം വിഷ്ണുപ്രിയായ നമഃ
ഓം ഭക്ത ജീവിതായ നമഃ
ഓം ജിത മന്മഥായ നമഃ
ഓം ഐശ്വര്യ കാരണായ നമഃ
ഓം ജ്യായസേ നമഃ
ഓം യക്ഷകിന്നെര സേവിതായ നമഃ
ഓം ഗംഗാ സുതായ നമഃ
ഓം ഗണാധീശായ നമഃ (80)
ഓം ഗംഭീര നിനദായ നമഃ
ഓം വടവേ നമഃ
ഓം അഭീഷ്ട വരദായിനേ നമഃ
ഓം ജ്യോതിഷേ നമഃ
ഓം ഭക്ത നിഥയേ നമഃ
ഓം ഭാവ ഗമ്യായ നമഃ
ഓം മംഗള പ്രദായ നമഃ
ഓം അവ്വക്തായ നമഃ
ഓം അപ്രാകൃത പരാക്രമായ നമഃ
ഓം സത്യധര്മിണേ നമഃ (90)
ഓം സഖയേ നമഃ
ഓം സരസാംബു നിഥയേ നമഃ
ഓം മഹേശായ നമഃ
ഓം ദിവ്യാംഗായ നമഃ
ഓം മണികിംകിണീ മേഖാലായ നമഃ
ഓം സമസ്തദേവതാ മൂര്തയേ നമഃ
ഓം സഹിഷ്ണവേ നമഃ
ഓം സതതോത്ഥിതായ നമഃ
ഓം വിഘാത കാരിണേ നമഃ
ഓം വിശ്വഗ്ദൃശേ നമഃ (100)
ഓം വിശ്വരക്ഷാകൃതേ നമഃ
ഓം കള്യാണ ഗുരവേ നമഃ
ഓം ഉന്മത്ത വേഷായ നമഃ
ഓം അപരാജിതേ നമഃ
ഓം സമസ്ത ജഗദാധാരായ നമഃ
ഓം സര്ത്വെശ്വര്യപ്രദായ നമഃ
ഓം ആക്രാംത ചിദ ചിത്പ്രഭവേ നമഃ
ഓം ശ്രീ വിഘ്നേശ്വരായ നമഃ (108)

Ganesh Chathurthi Puja Procedure | Vinayagar Chathurthi Pooja Procedure 2019

Before you start the pooja, keep lots of flowers, leaves and Arugampul in a plate. Make a small cone shaped pillayar/Ganesh with turmeric powder and keep a kumkum dot. Keep a small bowl full of Panchamirtham and a spoonful of honey in a bowl.

If you are placing Kalash, It should be placed firmly on a Copper/Silver plate with rice spread on it. A Coconut is placed over the mouth of the Kalash. Five mango leaves are placed inside the kalash before placing the coconut (like a skirting).

The decorated Ganesha Idol can be placed above on a table/stool and the Kalasha and its plate can be placed in the ground. Light the lamp on the sides of Ganesha. Keep the small turmeric Ganesha( made of turmeric powder mixed with little water) nearby the idol. Keep kumkum, flowers. Place a plate with 5 types of fruits, broken coconut, betel leaves and nuts in front of the God.
In another plate or banana leaf,spread the neivdeyam recipes. Kozhukattai varieties comes to the left side of Ganesha. Rice and other items has to be kept in the usual order. Refer picture for the idea. Keep payasam and aval.pori kadalai/Puffed rice with peanuts in small bowls. Start doing the pooja.

Sankata Nasana Ganapati Stotram

Narada Uvacha:

Pranamya sirasa devam,
Gauri putram, Vinayakam,
Bhakthya vyasa smaren nithya,
Mayu kama artha sidhaye.

Prathamam Vakra thundam cha,
Ekadantham dveethiyakam,
Trithiyam Krishna pingalaksham,
Gajavakthram Chathurthakam.

Lambhodaram panchamam cha,
Sashtam Vikatameva cha,
Sapthamam Vignarajam cha,
Dhoomra varnam thadashtamam.

Navamam phala chandram cha,
Dasamam thu Vinayakam,
Ekadasam Ganapathim,
Dwadasam the gajananam.

Dwathasaithani namani,
Trisandhyam ya paden nara,
Na cha vigna bhayam thasya,
Sarva sidhi karam dhruvam.

Vidyarthi labhadhe vidhyam,
Danarthi labhathe danam,
Puthrarthi labhathe puthran,
Moksharthi labhathe gatheem.

Japeth Ganapathi sthothram,
Shadbhir masai phalam labeth,
Samvatsarena sidhim cha,
Labhathe nathra samsaya.

Ashtanam Brahmanam cha,
Likihithwa ya samarpoayeth,
Thasya Vidhya bhaveth
Sarvaa Ganesasya prasadatha.


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