How to Book Athi Varadar Darshan 500 Rs tickets online


UPDATE – TNHRCE Server crashed due to huge inflow of people trying to book tickets online.
How to Book Athi Varadar tickets online – A Step by Step guide.
Athi Varadar Crowd Status for Today – Updated Daily by our team at The News Crunch.
Online Ticket Booking FAQs
Athi Varadar is the famous God of Kancheepuram Varadaraja Perumal temple, the main significance of this God is his darshan every 40 years for a period of 48 days. His last darshan was in 1979 and he was kept under for 40 years till July 1, 2019. Tamil Nadu government have made enough arrangements for people to have enjoy Athi Vardarar’s darshan in an orderly manner. It’s expected to get as many as 1 lakh people every day for the darshan, there are three types of Darshan.

1) Darma Darshan (free Darshan)
2) 50 Rs. ticket (Booked online)
3) 500 Rs. ticket (Booked online)
Update – New Special Darshan for Athi Varadar announched today by Government of Tamil Nadu, This ticket costs Rs. 300 and it can be booked online. More info on that over here.
While the free darshan happens on all days between 5am to 5pm (for outsiders other than Kancheepuram), the tickets have the same privileges as free ticket but with a lesser queue, while the 500 Rs. ticket are strictly according to stipulated time and limited to one visit with Aadhar card verification. Sadly the form is in Tamil, hence filling it is a bit tedious. You can select your time slot for next two days as tickets are opened for next two days only.
The TN government, apart from allocating Rs 29 crore for the festivities and arrangements, has also directed the local authorities to provide shuttle services from the bus stop into the town, drinking water dispensers and sanitation facilities; and within the temple premises, there will be three medical camps. A word of caution for those from Chennai planning a short trip: on the auspicious days of the lunar calendar that fall within this period, and on the weekends, the expect a surging crowd.


  1. When I click Darshan tickets(50 & 500) it’s showing booking closed. could you please let me know when it will open the tickets online.

    Thanks in advance

  2. I want to book on line darshan but I don’t know Tamil. Can I get the the details in English ? Can I apply for darshan in English ?

  3. The system is totally failed. It is only time wasting program. I am continuously trying since two days back and from 09.30 AM I am siting in front of computer with the Devasthana site. With no data after refresh the same it shows as most of the tickets are sold out and only for some tickets are waiting for verification which included the Booked tickets.

    When it is booked I do not understand how could it be possible. I think something misguided the Devotees. When the Ticket systems is for Income for the Temple, then why the numbers of ticket are Limited? It is to be open with no limits. Those could purchase tickets, allowed them to do so. However free Dharshan is there and every one could take that opportunity. IN TIRUPATHI AND SRIRANGAM LIKE temples we are seeing this system. Why this is not practiced here? Any internal reasons and secretes are there? I am having the DOUBTS!

    • Yes, you are right. I have been trying for the past 4 days…I think some agencies blocking the ticket or something is happening, but public unable to book…

  4. when am open the website and booking for tickets but transaction failed and also tickets closed early am opening website at 9.45 there are showing Register status. please can any suggest how to register before because am started to trying before 9.45 but its not open when i open website they are showin waiting for trasaction please let me suggest how to register trying 1 week back till not getting ticket and also suggest me they are you can book 4members in family group in 1 website.

  5. Is there any coming on 18 and 19 july? please confirm
    Is there any special lines for parents having less than 2 year

    • @Ranjani You can take them in senior citizen queue, When you go early you can come back in 3hrs in senior citizen queue.

  6. I HAVE WASTED MY TIME FROM 9.45 TO 11 am. The ticket booking is not opened at all but when refresh it gives all the tickets booked. why do restrict it only to few website not for common man . Like train tatkal it should open to all and permit us to book online . It gives good revenue to the temple. please keep the web site for common person too

  7. Can anyone who has successfully booked Rs 500/ ticket tell me whether we need to book the ticket and make the payment or make the payment and book the tickets

    I am asking this because it allows me to make payment but the book button does not allow me to book first

  8. Waste of time to spend online booking. I tried last few days. I think they are selling the tickets for big amount. Within 5 minutes how can you sell 500 tickets? No chance.

    • The booking system is not good and since it’s accessed by lakhs of people it gets clogged up, they should have handed over the ticket issuing service to Book My Show or similar ticket management services.

  9. Hi,
    Can anyone say how to add people while booking tickets online for 500Rs., because i saw only 1 name can be given while booking ticket.
    And also for how many members we can book ticket in 1 login.

  10. Each ticket 1 person is fine but how to add family members while booking like we book for train tickets because i found somewhere in temple page people who booked along should come together.
    And i saw Add button next to age, what is that?

    • You can add people but truth is the ticketing system is broken and not good enough like the IRCTC. So it takes a lot of time and thousands of people trying to book Rs. 500 ticket is not helping either. It’s a pure gamble and luck.

  11. Its a total waste of time as I’ve been checking continuously for a week always it says closed. Is there any single person successfully booked the tickets???????????

    • 10 am for 500 rs ticket and 11 am for 300 rs ticket. 500 tickets for 500 Rs ticket and 2000 tickets for 300 Rs ticket.

  12. What if you don’t have a Aadhar number? How do we book the tickets then? We are NRI’s and don’t have aadhar number.

  13. When open the site to book Darshan tickets for Athi Varadaraj in Kanchipuram and filled all the columns but I am receiving message “wrong inputs”

  14. Dear Mr Bryce J. Winters
    Firstly I would like to appreciate for spending your valuable time in reply to n- number of peoples. Great Gesture. But with reference to online booking I have been trying hard from the day when Rs 300 started then also Rs 500 started, but unable to book. So many have booked successfully , its really good. If you can give some tips it will be good. Today there was 3800+1000 tickets, but couldn’t book starting from 10am to 1.30pm. My net speed is also around 10mbps… GOOD LUCK ….THANKYOU ONCE AGAIN ( @KDAKSHIN )

  15. Dear Mr.Bryce, my online Booking for Rs.300 ticket done for Aug 8 for 6pm to 8 pm. What time should I join the queue considering the rush? Should I join the queue much early?

  16. i tried 2 days, totally more than 40 times per day. Still get try again or transaction received(90) error.

  17. Hi
    Those who want to book tickets, please keep page open ready at 11.00 AM and you are likely to open the IOB page for making online payment. Once you are in IOB page and if number of hits are less to page, then you are through with booking.

    All the best


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