Hero Tamil Movie Review – A fresh take on the Indian education system, deserves a standing ovation and would be a feather in Sivakarthikeyan’s Cap

hero tamil movie review

The trailer of Hero Tamil movie was intriguing and since PS Mithran’s previous movie was very good the expectations was high on him and Sivakarthikeyan to deliver. We have watched Hero Tamil Movie FDFS along with fans in abroad and here is our early review of Hero movie.

We felt that Hero is a milestone in Sivakarthikeyan’s career as the content of the movie is much required in this present situation. We would like to keep the review spoiler free and the movie talks about present Indian education system. Undoubtedly Hero would be the best Superhero movie ever made in Tamil cinema. The BGM of Hero was extremely good which kept the pace of the movie, kept audience at the edge of the seat. We can easily call this movie an edge of a seat thriller. Applauds to both PS Mithran and Sivakarthikeyan for picking up a strict that deserves to be spoken about. Hero will remain as a cult classic for generations to come.

A perfect tamil movie for this holiday season. If Viswasam was for family. Hero is for the society. Marching ahead with the right notes, a terrific screenplay with Sivakarthikeyan and Mithran owning the show. Kudos. This movie will be celebrated by audience and kids will love it for the Superhero act. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM keeps the plot even more engaging and this movie has every bit of a chance to enter 100Cr club as family audience will throng to theatres enjoy a well plotted movie with a good content.

Hero First Half Review

Movie opens in an unusual way and the intro scene of Sivakarthikeyan is not hyped up like some of his movies like SeemaRaja which ensures that the director is giving more importance to the content of the movie than to any specific star, the love portion between Sivakarthikeyan and Kalyani Priyadarshan is cute but it was cut short to ensure that movie remain focused on the plot. The last fifteen minutes of first half as an emotional portion which will be the highlight of this movie. The first half ends in such a way that it shows how powerful the villain of the movie is and us rooting hard for the hero.

Hero Second Half Review

The villain’s BGM should be mentioned here as it keeps the audience immersed in the movie. Also credit to actor Arjun for taking up such a supportive role and proving once again that he is a versatile actor. Abhay Deol’s role as the villain is scary and Robo Shankar’s limited comedy portion is sprinkled to ensure the movie doesn’t deviate from its main plot. Second half of this movie was racy and would be one of the best of this year. Hero movie ends with a bang and a standing ovation from the crown

Hero Movie Verdict – A Blockbuster, 4/5 Rating



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