Hasmukh Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know About Season 2 of Vir Das’ Netflix Dark Comedy!

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Hasmukh is the next Netflix original series to be released on April 17th 2020. The show has been co-created, co-written and stars stand up comedian Vir Das in the lead. Hasmukh follows a country bumpkin comic Hasmukh Sudiya (Das) from Saharanpur who dreams of becoming the greatest comedian in the world. Unfortunately, he lacks comic timing which is what comedy is all about. The twist is that all that changes when he murders his mentor and performs a lot better on stage, and discovers that the only way he can sustain that level is to keep killing.

Netflix Hasmukh Season 1 Trailer

Netflix Hasmukh Season 2 Plot Prediction

Hasmukh is a series which will follow the journey of a young man from the village of Saharanpur who wishes to become the greatest comedian in the world. Unfortunately, even though he is a great writer he lacks comic timing which doesn’t make him apt as a comedian. But he has perseverance and determination up his sleeve and is ready to cross all limits to achieve his dream. He will go to any extent to make the world notice his talent. The series will trace how far he is willing to go to gain recognition and whether he will get away with whatever actions he commits. Hasmukh is a tale of untamed ambition and when not kept in check it can create ruckus.

Netflix Hasmukh Season 2 Cast

  • Vir Das
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Suhail Nayyar
  • Neeraj Pandey
  • Deeksha Sonalkar
  • Amrita Bagchi
  • Ravi Kishan
  • Mantra Mugdh
  • Raza Murad
  • Manoj Pahwa
  • Joanna Robaczewska

Netflix Hasmukh Season 2 Release Date

All the fans of Netflix series Hasmukh are eager to find out when season two of the series will release. Hasmukh Season 2 should receive a release date post the success of the second season.

Every episode is available to stream online via the Netflix’s streaming service. The India based sitcom will drop on the streaming OTT with 10 episodes of Hasmukh Season 2 available to watch online at once in March 2021.



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