Harleen Sethi is still not over from break up with Vicky Kaushal

harleen sethi vicky kaushal breakup

Days passed by Bollywood’s corridors, there were reports that Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi decided to part ways after dating each other for a long time. The break-up of Harleen Sethi and Vicky Kaushal was shocking to many as everyone knew about their relationship and everyone believed that this relationship would stand the test of time However, this did not happen and the two separated.


Talking about the latest information surfaced in the media, it is heard that Harleen Sethi has still not completely forgotten Vicky Kaushal and that is why she is going out of India. Spotboy has reported in one of his reports that Harleen Sethi has decided to go to Barcelona to forget Vicky Kaushal. She will stay there for a few days and will try to completely forget Vicky. Harleen Sethi has still not completely forgotten Vicky Kaushal’s love, which is why she has taken such a decision. She will spend some time with her cousin there and then think about moving forward in life.

There is no concrete reason for the breakup of Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi. In many media reports, it was reported that Vicky Kaushal is dating a Bollywood actress, due to which she has distanced herself from Harleen Sethi, but Vicky denied all such reports.

Since the success of Vicky Kaushal Uri, more than one film has been signed continuously. Many big producers of the industry want to take him in their film but he is signing films very carefully. Do you think that going away from Vicky skills will work for Harleen Sethi or not? Please let us know in the comment section


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