Happy Hindi Diwas 2019: Whatsapp Wishes, Images, Quotes and Messages Revealed!


India celebrates Hindi Diwas on September 14th of every year. Hindi Diwas is celebrated to commemorate the selection of Hindi as the official language for governance and their internal correspondences.

Reason For Celebrating Hindi Divas In India?

In a country like India with many dialects and languages, a big question arose about the language after independence. Finally, on 14 September 1949, Hindi was given the status of official language. Although initially both Hindi and English were chosen as the languages โ€‹โ€‹of the new nation and the Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi as the official language in addition to Hindi with Devanagari script, but in 1949, to this day, the Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi as the only language in India. Declared the official language of India, it was also decided to celebrate Hindi Day every year on the day of declaration of Hindi as the official language of the country, although the first Hindi day was celebrated on 14 September 1953.

However, India continues to give equal importances to regional languages as it cannot neglect diversity by any means.

Hindi Diwas 2019 Wishes – Whatsapp Images and Quotes

happy-hindi-diwas-2019 happy-hindi-diwas-2019

happy-hindi-diwas-2019 happy-hindi-diwas-2019 happy-hindi-diwas-2019




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