Goverdhan Puja 2019: Today 28th October 2019 is Govardhan Puja, Subh Muhurat and puja vidhi, date, time and significance

govardhan puja 2019

Govardhan Puja Shubh Muhurat (Goverdhan Puja Subh Muhurat) – In the Sanatana Dharma, the law of performing Govardhan Puja on the very next day of Diwali is stated. Govardhan Puja will be performed across the country today i.e. on October 28. Govardhan Puja is also called Annakoot Puja. According to religious beliefs, by worshiping on this day, the blessings of Lord Krishna always remain on the person. Govardhan Puja is done every year on Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. Today, this auspiciousness should be extended to you and your family to worship Lord Shri Krishna with this auspicious time and method. Let’s know what is the auspicious time of worship.


Govardhan Puja 2019 auspicious time

Govardhan Puja Sayahkal Muhurat – 03.27 am to 05.41 pm
Duration – 02 hours 14 minutes
Gaming game on Monday 28 October 2019
Pratipada Date Start – From 09.08 AM on 28 October
Pratipada Tithi ends – 29 October 2019 till 06.13 pm

Method of Govardhan Puja

To do Govardhan Puja today, first of all you make a picture of Govardhan with cow dung in the courtyard of the house. After this, worship Govardhan God by burning roli, rice, kheer, betashe, water, milk, paan, saffron, flowers and lamps. It is said that by worshiping Lord Govardhan with a sincere heart on this day, the grace of Lord Shri Krishna remains throughout the year.


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