Google Image Search of Phrase “TV Television & Film” gives shocking photos as results that is not pleasing for everyone

TV Television & Film 4Plebs

Google Image searches have often come into scanner for producing some bizarre results and Google ultimately removing those results from search engine. This time the Google Image search of “TV Television & Film” phrase has given some shocking photos of minors in bathing suits as result. The results are from a website called 4plebs and it’s believed that 4plebs is a sister website of 4chan and Rollingstone has confirmed this news. Also image search of 4plebs shows questionable images as results and we have to wait for Google authorities and 4Plebs admins to act on these and remove them from search results.

Infact 4plebs archives posts from various threads on 4Chan and these archive images are shown up as results in Google Image search for the “Tv Television & Film”. This is what 4Plebs has to say “We are receiving many redundant reports for already removed content so please clear your browser cache and refresh the page before reporting images. One additional s***storm might be coming our way so hold on to your hats – #Admin.”

Also 4Plebs Twitter account has posted the following statement with the tagline Did someone find something interesting on Google?

How did 4Plebs get images?

According to the FAQs section of 4Plebs website, the site archives 4Chan posts because “Threads on are alive for a relatively short time and get removed after a while. This site archives all threads on certain boards to preserve them for later viewing.” That section says that one of the legitimate reasons to get a post removed completely is for a violation of child pornography laws. The other reasons are if a post contains “Personally identifiable information” or posting “Copyrighted material not permitted under fair use doctrine.”

How did Google react to these Google Images search of “TV Television & Film” from 4Plebs

A Google Spokesperson Has Said That 4Plebs Has Been Deleting the Images in Question & That the Search Results Are ‘Deeply Concerning’. The response from a Google engineer said that the images had not been brought to the attention of engineers because, “The images in question, hosted on a web forum, do not depict child sex abuse nor nudity and are not considered child sex abuse material.” The engineer also said, “This said, the context of how these images are presented is deeply concerning. We will look into this case further to understand if there are improvements we can make to our systems to prevent content like this from surfacing for future similar queries.”


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