Get Ready for the Thrilling Ride: ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ in the Works!

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Start date

The sensational reality show, ‘Bigg Boss Tamil,’ has taken the entertainment world by storm with its captivating drama and intense rivalries. With six successful seasons under its belt, all of which were expertly hosted by the legendary Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, the show has become a fan favorite. It offers viewers a mesmerizing peek into the lives of individuals with contrasting mindsets, living together under one roof, where they learn to cope, fight, appreciate, and even play together.

Over the years, ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ has not only provided thrilling entertainment but has also served as a launching pad for several talented participants, propelling them into lucrative careers in the television and cinema industries. Names like Harish Kalyan, Raiza Wilson, Rythvika, Suresh Chakravarthy, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Samyuktha, Amir, Pavni, and Ramya Pandian have made a mark in the industry, while others have chosen a different path, stepping away from the limelight.

Exciting news has emerged from reliable sources, indicating that the groundwork for ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ is already underway at Vijay TV. Last season, the show faced delays due to the impact of the coronavirus, commencing in October and concluding in January. However, it seems that fans won’t have to wait as long this time, as the seventh season is rumored to kick off in July. Reports suggest that the show organizers have wasted no time and have already initiated preparations, including the start of contestant auditions.

Drawing inspiration from the success of previous seasons, where commoners like Dhanalaskhmi, Janani, and transgender personality Shivin captured the hearts of viewers, the upcoming season is likely to give preference to such unique and relatable contestants. Additionally, there is a hunt for an aspiring young politician, following the impressive run of Vikraman as the runner-up in ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 6.’

As for the hosting duties, the charismatic Kamal Haasan is set to continue his role as the guiding force for the contestants in ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7.’ After wrapping up the shooting of the highly anticipated film ‘Indian 2’ by the end of June, Kamal will be available to captivate audiences once again. Film industry insiders even suggest that Kamal might take on a double role, juggling hosting responsibilities while simultaneously working on the film ‘KH233’ directed by H. Vinoth during weekends. Moreover, the much-awaited Kamal-Mani Ratnam reunion project, ‘KH 234,’ is expected to commence later this year after the completion of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ in October, creating a buzz among fans.

So, buckle up and get ready for the adrenaline-pumping journey of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’! With intriguing contestants, unexpected twists, and the unmatched charisma of Kamal Haasan, this season promises to be an unforgettable experience for all viewers. Stay tuned for more updates as the auditions progress and the countdown to the show’s premiere begins!


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