Gandhada Gudi box office collection opening weekend update


Gandhada Gudi is also popular as GG among fans. Gandhada Gudi is the last movie by the late Puneeth Rajkumar. It is a hit among audiences and fans are loving it! In the first weekend, Gandhada Gudi is expected to collect over 12 crores. 

It is a small-budget hit picture with a huge collection among the audience! The director of this hit is Amoghavarsha JS and this movie is produced by PRK productions. All of these data are from all over the research. 

Gandhada Gudi: Box Office Collection for Days 

On Sundays, it collected over 1.79 crores just for advance bookings. And, it is estimated that on the first day it collected over 3.08 crores. It is estimated that it collected over 4 crores for the second day. When talked about the worldwide collection, is approximately estimated as 4.50 crores. 

On the weekend, it collected over 12 crores and it is such a rise for any picture! For day 1 , the total number of tickets sold were approximately 97000. 

Gandhada Gudi:Know the Total Screens 

Gandhada Gudi has almost 300 screens. And, this is only for the screens in Karnataka. For all over India, the total number of screens has increased. The tickets were completely sold out for these screens. 

Know About the Movie 

The name of the movie, ” Gandhada Gudi ” is associated with the family of the late Puneeth Rajkumar. The name of the movie means, ” the abode of sandalwood”. This movie is packed with emotions and drama. And audiences are loving all of this. 

Gandhada Gudi is away from all the unnecessary glamour and glitters. This movie connects the audiences more closely to nature and shows them a reality! There are very few movies nowadays that talk about nature and this stuff and this movie is one of those! 

Puneeth Rajkumar and Amoghavarsha have conveyed the audience a near glance at the incredible biological settings with this movie. They trek across all over the most challenging terrain and take in the strange views of nature. The audience comprehends a few lessons on the pressing demand for sustainable evolution and resource preservation throughout their tour in this movie. It is crucial to point out that Puneeth Rajkumar’s trademark mood is taken up to weave these lessons into a conversational tone rather than a preaching one for his fans and all of the audiences. 



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