Gabriella and Shivani fight it out in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4


The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 is getting heated up with many contestants having outbursts. Gabriella and Shivani Narayanan are two of the contestants who are deemed cool. But, in the latest promo, Gabriella and Shivani are engaged in an ugly fight. All this is because Shivani interrupted when Gabriella and Balaji Murugadoss were having a fight.


In continuation to yesterday’s task, Balaji Murugadoss flicked the agreement paper from Somsekhar and team. Yesterday, Som, Ramya and Gabriella had hid the agreement paper. In today’s promo, Balaji took it from them, but Ramya caught him stealing it from them.

Gabriella accused him of planning this act with four other people. Balaji lost his cool and shouted at Gabriella. Shivani meddled in their issue and said no one needs to play honest. Gabriella asked her not to interfere when she is talking to Balaji.

Here’s the promo:

Shivani and Balaji have been extremely close in the last couple of days. In the task, they play brother and sister. The fight between the three became huge as other contestants watch them with a puzzled look on their faces. Rio, towards the end of the video, said, “Welcome to Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4.”


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