From ‘Kalaka Povathu Yaru’ to Wedded Bliss: Comedian Dheena’s Big Day

Kalaka Povathu Yaaru dheena marriage

Comedy fans, rejoice! The inimitable Dheena of ‘Kalaka Povathu Yaru’ fame is about to embark on a new journey – the journey of marriage. Get your festive hats on, as tomorrow (June 1, 2023) marks the day when laughter and love unite in a grand celebration.

A familiar and beloved face on Vijay TV’s hit show ‘Kalaka Povathu Yaru’, Dheena captured our hearts with her brilliant mimicry skills and her signature body language comedy. Tiruvarur’s pride and joy, she swapped her native roots for Chennai’s sparkling lights, driven by her passion for cinema and television.

With humble beginnings as an assistant director on ‘Kalaka Povathu Yaru’, Dheena’s off-screen comedic genius didn’t go unnoticed. The popular saying ‘The face that should be on screen’ was her cue to transition from the shadows of backstage to the radiant lights of stardom.

Dheena’s cinematic journey took her to roles in notable films like Kaithi and Master. As she juggles her ongoing film projects and stage shows, she recently fulfilled a personal milestone – building her dream house in her hometown.

Amidst these exciting developments, the bells of matrimony chime for Dheena. We caught up with the busy star for a candid chat about her upcoming wedding.

“With the blessing of the Almighty and the support of my loving fans, I’ve built my home and now, I am set to start a new chapter with my partner,” Dheena shared. “Our house was ready just in time for the wedding, and it all feels divinely timed.”

Given his packed shooting schedule, Dheena resorted to digital means to send out her wedding invitations. “Between shoots, I managed to send a quick call or a WhatsApp message to friends and family.”

The wedding, set to take place in Tiruvarur, is likely to have a star-studded guest list. However, Dheena assures there will be a separate reception in Chennai for her entertainment industry peers. “We wanted to ensure all my colleagues from the cinema and TV industry could join us in the celebrations,” she said.

When asked about her future spouse, Dheena revealed, “My partner is a talented graphic designer. Ours is an arranged marriage. The journey of love begins now,” she added with a laugh.

And so, the stage is set for a beautiful union. As the countdown begins, we can’t wait to see the spectacle of love and laughter Dheena’s wedding promises to be. Stay tuned for more updates on this joyous occasion!


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