Four More Shots Season 2 Trailer Released: The Four Friends Traverse Through Istanbul and Udaipur to Pump Up Your Adrenaline


Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please! Is all set to return with its season on April 17th. The first season starred Kriti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Maanvi Gagroo and Bani J. Four More Shots Season One dealt with four very unapologetic yet flawed women who know that living, loving, creating blunders and discovering themselves on a daily basis is what makes them who they are. When they realize all these aspects they become stronger as a group. Mix this equation with alcohol in millennial Mumbai and you have a girl gang to look out for.

The makers of the show have tried to create a platform that the audience can resonate with yet dive into new areas which will create valuable content. One aspect that every friend circle wishes to aspire is to travel together, explore new regions and let loose in those new areas which will bring out the best in you. In season 1, the girls did a road trip to Goa while this time around they cross the oceans and head to the gorgeous land of Istanbul and move closer to him with a trip to Udaipur.

Four More Shots Please! Season 2 Trailer Review

This time around the trailer begins with Damini Rizvi Roy, Anjana Menon and Umang Singh coming together after a long time to search for their friend Siddhi Patel. Anjana says that they have not been in contact for a while but Umang asserts that it is necessary for them to head to Istanbul to search for Siddhi. Since the last season when Siddhi finally lost her virginity she has gone on to have a thirst for sex. In Istanbul she is seen having sex with a man who turns out to be a hooker. The four friends reunite to explore the beautiful place that they are in and resolve the problems that life keeps throwing at them.

Anjana and her ex-husband seem to have come back together to have sexual encounters. This is something Anjana is not in favor of considering he is currently expecting a child with his fiancée. She is struggling being an independent strong lawyer in a male dominated profession and puts her foot down at last saying that she can very well balance her personal and professional life but that does not mean the men in her profession consider her to be any less than them. Anjana takes up a new case and has a fling with the defense lawyer. If this amounts to something serious is what will be known in this season.

Damini writes a book which her contemporaries say might not get published. She is worried that it is probably her matter but she is reassured that there might be a problem in publication because her book is too damn good. Damini is confused between Jeh and Dr. Aamir. She has sexual encounters with both but is unable to decide who she wants to be with.

Umang is on the way to become the nation’s best fitness trainer and she is currently in a relationship with an actress. Her partner used to be in the closet but now on the red carpet when asked if they are in a relationship they openly kiss one another. Siddhi is on a discovery of her own. One year ago she was a virgin who had no sexual experience but today she is on the prowl. She even asks her high society mother what her sexual fantasy is.

On the whole the trailer of Four More Shots Please Season 2 uplifts the spirits and has made the wait worth it. The makers have taken the level of the series up a notch and the extravagant locations just add to the beauty. The journey we began with each character has continued only developing the character arc to the next stage. The transgression from what happened a year ago to now has been done smoothly and can be seen through the trailer. The trailer makes the viewer ask for more. It is full of color and spice. There are questions left behind and the hunger for more. Every scene is rapid and fast paced which increases the curiosity. The trailer of Four More Shots Please Season 2 surely lives up to the expectations. Viewers will eagerly wait for the series to stream on Amazon Prime Video from April 17th 2020 onwards.


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