Facebook planning a strategic merge of Instagram and WhatsApp


The Facebook has now come up with a plan to merge the messaging services extending all over the world, as reported by the New York Times. Through this new system, the chats from the Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram could be brought together. Thus, any user on WhatsApp can easily start a conversation on Instagram or on Messenger. This would indicate a breaking down of the barrier within the different social media backgrounds.

The user on Messenger can easily send messages to an end-to-end encrypted messenger and start a conversation with anyone who would have an Instagram account for example. All the three application software need not be present on the same phone. All of them would be separate but the messaging attribute could be made common and unified for a better experience.

It appeared in the interview with the New York Times that Facebook has confirmed the deal, though a detailed report about the same is not out yet.  This plan would make all the three apps take a number of strategic decisions. This is because both the other apps, WhatsApp and Instagram have evolved through the platform of social media independently till date. Linking the three is not an easy task but would definitely bring a revolution in the communication world.

Some employees are really not satisfied with the move that Facebook has been planning. The employees from Instagram and WhatsApp feel that this might be a step from the CEO of Facebook to exert its control over these two growing social media. The departure of Instagram’s co-founder in the previous year might have been the response of some parts of Facebook they said.

The WhatsApp employees, on the other hand, believe that this approach might have a negative impact upon the privacy and encryption of the data which has been maintained through and through by the company. These two features are the core of WhatsApp product. Merging the three messaging apps will violate the existing core characteristics that the WhatsApp product extends. The users can maintain their anonymity and invisibility on both Instagram and WhatsApp but not on Facebook. A number of challenges will come up with the merging decision. The values of Instagram and WhatsApp will be jeopardized in such a situation. The final decision is yet to come.

According to the New York Times, the lead has already been initiated. The picture is not clear though but the product is expected to be launched in the year 2020.


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