Exception season 2 release date: renewed or cancelled


Anime exception is such a hit from the day of its release that now, exception fans are waiting for the new season, exception season 2! But the question is, are the makers going to launch the next season of exception or not? Are exception fans going to watch season 2 of exception or not? 

The renewal or cancellation of any web show depends on a lot of factors and one of them is the amazing popularity of any web show. 

There are so many questions that exception fans are curious to know the answers to! And so, we are here with a write-up that is going to answer everything about the cancellation or renewal of the next season of exception! They are also going to know the probable release date of exception, season 2! 

Exception Season 2 Release Date – Possibilities

This update can be a bit disheartening for exception fans and since there is no any update for the next season of exception from the sides of makers. For this reason, it is a bit hard to update the exception fans with the exact date of release.

However, if exception Season 2 will be renewed, there are chances that exception season 2 will be released in the year 2023 or there are also chances for the makers to release it in the year 2024! Any official update about the release date of the exception, season 2 will be updated with the audiences.

Exception: What to Expect in Season 2?

There are high chances for the makers of exception to release the next season of this web show because at the end of this web show, exception season 1 was not officially concluded! And there are probably chances that in the next season if exception, the story will be continued from except for season 1! 

New faces can be added to the web show by the makers as new characters in the storyline! Most of the anime shows have been renewed on Netflix and the exception is such a hyped web show among the fans! 

There is a slight possibility that makers will bring a whole new storyline for the exception season 2 and this is all because of the ending of the exception,  season 1! These all are not officially updated by the makers or Netflix, and when there will be any updates from their sides, exception fans will be notified!


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