Everything You Should Know About Laurel Stucky, Contestant of ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2


Laurel Stucky is a well known Reality Star. She is a contestant from the Team US for ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2‘. She is one of the best female athlete on Mtv’s “The Challenge”.

Laurel Stucky- The Power Horse of ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2‘?

Laurel Stucky is in her 6th Season with a staggering record of 4 Finals, 1 Win. After an extended absence, this “Challenge” powerhouse is back and ready to return to the winner’s circle. A former Division I athlete, Laurel has solidified her status as one of the most feared competitors “The Challenge” has ever seen with a 9-1 elimination record including victories over multiple all-time greats. Coming back after so much time off could prove difficult for Laurel because she has never played alongside the game’s new international contingent. Additionally, she’ll have to adjust to a reunion with former friend turned bitter rival Cara Maria. Will the two be able to put the past aside and work together, or will their feud threaten to destroy any hope of team unity?


Laurel Stucky’s Personal Life

She is an only child, but puts a big emphasis on family, having 19 cousins. She was romantically involved with fellow Real World alum Nicole Zanatta; however the two split in August 2017. She is fluent in Spanish and is a leader for an outdoor education program for high school seniors called Man in Nature.

Laurel Stucky’s Age and Date of Birth

Laurel Stucky’s date of birth is April 11, 1985 and her age is 33 years old.

Laurel Stucky’s Parents

Laurel Stucky’s parents’ information is unknown as of now.


Laurel Stucky’s Height and Weight

Laurel Stucky’s height is 6’2 and Weight information is not Available

Laurel Stucky’s Hometown

Laurel Stucky’s is from Michigan

Laurel Stucky’s Networth

Laurel Stucky’s estimated net worth is $1 Million – $3 Million

Laurel Stucky’s Educational Qualification

She attended Michigan State University as a Pre-Veterinary student and majored with a degree in Spanish Philology.

Laurel Stucky’s Instagram Profile

Laurel Stucky’s Instagram profile is @laurelstucky. She has around 106k followers as of today.


Laurel Stucky’s Boyfriend, Relationship Status

Laurel Stucky has been in a relationship with Jordan Wiseley but Laurel Stucky is possibly single.Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky were in a relationship in 2017 but reportedly broke up.

Unknown Facts About Laurel Stucky

  • Laurel Stucky loves to watch home designing Shows The Bachelorette and a lot of HGTV shows like Property Brothers, House Hunters, Fixer Upper


  • She was a National Collegiate Scholar and had her tongue pierced twice in college.
  • Laurel Stucky is Love to Do beach volleyball, running and yoga.
  • Laurel Stucky is Also a Singer and Actress too.
  • Laurel Stucky is Currently living in Montana in mountains working with horses.laurel-stucky-wiki

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  1. I would like to see more information about Laurel. I have seen every season of the Challenge and Laurel is my absolute top favorite competitor of all time. I am almost 70 years old but Laurel makes me feel young. I pray for her often. She hasn’t always been the nicest person, but even at her most cringeworthy I was mostly sympathetic with her reasons for doing what she did.
    I love, love, love her. God bless you, Laurel, today and every day.


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