Everything You Should Know About Jersey City Shooting Suspect David Anderson – Education, Background, Career, Family, Unknown Facts Revealed!


David Anderson was identified as one of the two merciless shooters who kept the police from bringing the chaos to an end for several hours.

David Anderson’s Role in Jersey City Shooting Standoff – Latest Facts

The Jersey city sandoff took hours during which veteran detective Joseph Seals was murdered in a cemetery and three innocent Jews were killed. David and his accomplice Francine Graham were targeting Kosher, a Jewish grocery store .

David Anderson’s Education 

Information on David Anderson’s educational background is awaited.

David Anderson’s Age

Information on David Anderson’s age is awaited.

David Anderson’s Family

Information on David Anderson’s age is awaited.

David Anderson’s Career

Information on David Anderson’s career is awaited.

Unknown Facts About David Anderson

  • David Anderson was associated with a Black Hebrew Israelite movement.
  • David Anderson and his accomplice had specifically target the Jewish outlet.
  • David Anderson left the U-Haul with religious writings.
  • David Anderson’s social media feed was filled with anti-semitic and anti-police sentiments.
  • David Anderson was described as Wearing All Black Clothing and trench coats (which was unclear).




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