Everything about The Measuring Shovel featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 6, Top Facts

measuring shovel shark tank

The Measuring Shovel is a tool invented by 10-year old Maddox Prichard and he has come to Shark Tank for investment. Will he get an investment, we have to wait and watch on 3rd November 2019 during season 11 episode 6.

What is The Measuring Shovel and how it works

  • When you are digging a hole, you can use the shovel measurements to determine the depth of the hole without having to stop and get a measuring tape.
  • You can also use it to measure the distance between the plants.
  • The shovel has one-inch measurements beginning at the bottom of the shovel blade and moving up the handle.
  • On the back of the handle, the measurements start at the top and come down the handle.
  • One-foot, two-foot and 3-foot measurements are also marked

Maddox Prichard inventor of The Measuring Shovel, unknown facts

  • Maddox Prichard a 10-yr old is the inventor of The Measuring Shovel
  • Maddox Prichard of Gallatin, TN won the Stanley Black and Decker sponsored the Household Organization/Tools at the recent inaugural National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurial Expo (NICEE 2016) honoring and celebrating innovative inventions at the 15-state event held May 19-21 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Keisha Brewer, an exec with Stanley’s Global Tools & Storage unit was on hand for the awarding
  • Maddox grew up in the lawn and garden industry
  • His father and grandfather own a nursery equipment company that imports and sells industrial tree spades that are used to transplant trees and large bushes
  • Maddox’s work was on a much smaller scale, helping his grandmother with her gardening and his mother with landscaping
  • Maddox likes baseball and fishing, but mostly he has been bitten by the invention bug.
  • He wants to keep inventing cool tools and is learning everything he can to prepare for life as an entrepreneur.
  • His plan is to use the proceeds from his inventions to buy a big farm and raise cattle.
  • He’s going to take things slow. He isn’t looking to get too rich—just rich enough to retire at 30!


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