Everything about Siddhartha Dey Bigg Boss 13 Contestant, Wiki, Family, Photos and Unknown Facts

siddhartha dey bigg boss 13

Scriptwriter Siddhartha Dey is the first writer in the history of Bigg Boss and will be part of season 13. Interestingly, he has written the first two episodes of Bigg Boss season 1, and will now be seen as a housemate. He will be one of the five male contestants of Bigg Boss season 13, he is a last minute addition replacing Avinashi Jain, we’re not sure why she is getting replaced by Siddhartha Dey. There will be total of 9 female contestants and 5 male contestants locked in the house.

Siddhartha Dey Bio and Unknown Facts

  • Siddhartha Dey Age –
  • Siddhartha Dey Birth Date –
  • Siddhartha Dey Parents –
  • Siddhartha Dey Married –
  • Siddhartha Dey is an engineer by education
  • He is born in Nagpur resident
  • Siddhartha Dey was working in marketing before shifting to be an actor
  • Moved to Mumbai to be an Actor
  • His first stint was writing live show for Shahrukh Khan
  • He still thanks King Khan for his success
  • Through his stint as a writer, he has also penned scripts for Priyanka Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana
  • He also has worked on a number of reality shows on television
  • Written scripts for actors world tour
  • He scripted Hindustan Times most stylish Award for 2015, 16, 17 and 2018
  • He is working on writing scripts for movies

Siddhartha Dey bb 13
Siddhartha Dey will be the odd man out in the group of contestants and he is the least popular one among all contestants in Bigg Boss 13. Will he be the one to get eliminated first in this season? We have to wait and watch.


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