Everything About Shark Tank Season 11 Guest Judge Daniel Lubetzky – Relationship, Net Worth, Career and Professional Details Revealed


Daniel Lubetzky is a Mexican-American billionaire businessman, philanthropist, author, and founder and CEO of snack company Kind LLC. Lubetzky launched the New York City-based Kind Snacks in 2003 and has since built it into a snack-foods empire.


Daniel Lubetzky’s Professional Growth:Kind LLC

Kind’s snack bars are made from ingredients like fruits, nuts, and grains and come in a variety of forms, including ones made for children and others packed with extra protein. The company hasn’t disclosed revenue figures since 2012, when it noted it booked $125 million in sales, but told Inc. in 2015 that revenue has doubled every year since its founding.

Daniel Lubetzky’s Age and Date of Birth

Daniel Lubetzky’s year of birth is 1968

Daniel Lubetzky’s Parents

Daniel Lubetzky’s parents’ information is unknown as of now.

Daniel Lubetzky’s Height and Weight

Daniel Lubetzky’s Height and Weight Information is Unavailable at the moment.

Daniel Lubetzky’s Hometown

Daniel Lubetzky is from Mexico City, Mexico

Daniel Lubetzky’s Networth

Daniel Lubetzky’s estimated net worth is US$1 billion+ (March 2019)

Daniel Lubetzky’s Educational Qualification

Daniel Lubetzky received his B.A. in economics and international relations from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas Lubetzky then earned his J.D. from Stanford Law School

Daniel Lubetzky’s Twitter Profile

Daniel Lubetzky’s Twitter profile is @Daniel Lubetzky. He has around 6872 followers as of today.
www.Twitter.com/Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky’s Relationship Status

Daniel Lubetzky In March 2008, Lubetzky married Michelle Lynn Lieberman, a physician and They have four children.

Unknown Facts About Daniel Lubetzky

  • By the company’s count—based on the number of #kindawesome cards doled out, employee volunteer activity and donations of snack bars to nonprofits—it has facilitated 11 million acts of kindness since 2004.
  • Daniel Lubetzky invested in healthy jerky startup Krave and nut butter maker Justin’s.
  • Lubetzky is also a cousin of Oscar-winner Emmanuel Lubezki.

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