Everything about Pashion Footwear Removable High Heels as seen on Shark Tank


For ages women have had to balance look good with comfort. While women struggle to balance themselves, the hundreds of things they are doing at the same time and look good, all while wearing heels. It gets difficult. For a long time, women have been wondering what needs to be done to create the perfect look with comfort. The buck stops here with removable high heels.

Women tend to walk alot while commuting from various places, they often opt for wearing walking shoes during this time and carrying their heels in a shoe bag. Even when women are out on occasions, they cannot stand continuously in their heels so they choose to be barefoot after a while. To rescue women from such situations. Pashion Footwear was founded.

Pashion Footwear Founder and Story

Haley Pavone was on a date during her junior year at Cal Poly. She was wearing high heels and they were hurting her alot, she decided to slip out of them and dance barefoot. Her foot was suddenly stabbed by another woman’s stiletto. Haley believed that women need not sacrifice their comfort for fashion nor should they sacrifice fashion for comfort, it needs to be the best of both worlds.

Pashion Footware was officially founded on October 4, 2016. In the next two years Haley spoke to numerous footwear experts and asked for their input and assistance. She then applied for patent in over 30 countries after which she arranged for manufacturing and production on the first sample shoes. The shoes are made in numerous styles and colors, and in both leather and patent leather. The heels are then interchangeable for shoes of the same size and are independent of the left or right side. It is not necessary that the you have tp remember which foot the hell belongs to. The shoes have been tested professionally and under normal conditions they will last for two years.

The covid pandemic was a huge problem for Haley. There was a three month delay in her summer order due to the supply chain shutdowns. Thats when she sifted to e-commerce and increased the revenue. Last year was difficult for all and for business it was all the more. Haley is sure though that Pashion will grow as and when the markets become more stable. She knows that her product is good and that she needs to have patience as this tough time wears off. There are challenges in every business, its the resilience that takes you a long way.


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