Everything about Myostorm Meteor Massage Ball aired on Shark Tank Season 11, reviews and unknown facts

myostorm shark tank

Myostorm Theraputic Massage Ball was featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 5 which was aired on Sunday October 27, 2019 at 9P. The Myostorm Meteor is a vibrating, self-heating massage therapy ball designed to facilitate muscular recovery, increase flexibility and help reduce chronic pain, all in a device the size of a softball. Nobody – and no body – likes to be in pain. We can all agree that the human body is pretty amazing. While it has the ability to repair itself, sometimes it just needs a little boost.

MyoStorm has assembled a dream team of professional athletes, engineers and doctors to help develop a winning game plan for healing and recovery. Thousands of hours of research have been put into developing the Meteor. Specific frequencies and amplitudes were discovered during the design process that are scientifically shown to maximize recovery and pain relief. The Meteor is much more than a generic massager.

Scientifically Backed
The Meteor has several features and specifications designed by engineers and athletes to make it the most effective recovery tool you will ever use.
The METEOR was designed based on ground-breaking research conducted by our co-founder Jonothan DiPeri in conjunction with our scientific advisory board.

By utilizing the expertise of this board consisting of Brent Feland (PhD in Exercise Science) along with Jonathan Blotter (PhD in Mechanical Engineering), we were able to understand how vibration and heat affect the human body and how to get those results into one portable device.

This PATENT PENDING NEW TECHNOLOGY brings the best of vibration and heating recovery techniques together allowing the Meteor to effectively replace foam rollers, percussion massage tools, massage balls, massage sticks, heat wraps, and other muscle recovery tools and pain relief devices.

The Meteor is a new and revolutionary muscular recovery device

  • Combat muscular pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Increase flexibility and muscle pliability
  • ​Speed up the recovery process
  • ​Increase performance

How MyoStorm Meteor Works

Thousands of hours of scientifically backed research has produced The Meteor to create true muscle recovery and pain relief.
The Meteor’s therapeutic self heating feature allows for increased circulation leading to faster recovery and reduction in pain with temperatures up to 120 F, and no need for a microwave or any cords!

The Meteor has 3 levels of scientifically backed, therapeutic vibration settings, optimized for treating chronic pain and reducing muscle stiffness that are unlike any other massage devices.

The Meteor is the perfect size, allowing for effective trigger point release, deep tissue massage and facial stimulation anywhere you are sore, without the need of a massage therapist!

How Meteor Help Reduce Pain

The use of vibration stimulates the mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings in the skin, muscle, and joint structures. These signals help interfere with pain transmission, producing inhibitory effects which allow the muscle to relax without compromising strength and power like stretching and other forms of therapy. The vibration also increases blood flow, enhancing and accelerating the effects of heat. But the levels of vibration are important, too much amplitude and you can fatigue or damage the muscle, too little and it produces no effect at all.

How Meteor Speeds Up Recovery Process

Heat improves muscle temperature and causes an increase in blood flow to the area being heated. This increases glycogen resynthesis and aids in recovery, bringing oxygen delivery to the surrounding tissue and carrying away the negative byproducts of muscle contraction. The heat also helps with relaxation, reducing pain and stiffness.

How Meteror is Perfect for targeting specific muscles

IDEAL SIZE at 4 inches in diameter and just under 2 lbs The Meteor is perfect for sore spots, trigger points and tender points. Pressure from massage on such an area in the body can help the spot relax. The combination of heat and vibration can help these tender points relax further through the decrease in pain. This reduction in pain and discomfort then help the muscle and it’s associated or surrounding muscles fire in a more normal pattern and help reduce the risk of exacerbating the tenderness, thus speeding up and improving recovery.


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