Everything about Misfit Foods: Meats with Added Veggies as seen on Shark Tank Products!


The right balance of your meat intake is important to prevent any sort of health issues. If you eat more vegetables and less meat, its perfect for the body. Plant based foods are filled with fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals. This will stop acceleration of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Not only that, it even slows down signs of raging and mood disorders.Misfit foods is the name which was given to the company when they produced juices from misfit vegetables and fruits. Now, Misfit foods caters to flexitarians which are semi-vegetarians.

Misfit Foods Founders and Story

The founders of Misfit foods, Phil Wong and Dave Betts realised that meat has more of an impact on the environment than plat based products. They then redirected their company to produce meat and vegetable sausages which are nutritious and tasty. The objective is to provide sausages with equivalent flavour as meat based products. This will also increase vegetable consumption and cut down on meat consumption. They cater to those consumers who have become all the more interested in plant based alternatives.

Misfit Foods Chicken Sausages

The sausages are made with 5th generation sausages which have 50% humanely raised chicken and 50% nutritious vegetables and tasty spices. The sausages do not come with a casing.

  • Sweet Potato Andouille Chicken Sausage:A smoky, sweet taste with a bit of a kick from paprika.
  • Kabocha Squash Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage: Rich, creamy, and a little sweet from the kabocha squash and topped off with the traditional Italian flavors of fennel and garlic.
  • Citrus Kale Chimichurri Chicken Sausage:Seasoned with herbs, including parsley, oregano, garlic and chili pepper, the same as the original
  • Argentinian chimichurri, and the unmistakable tang of citrus.
  • Curry Carrot and Chicken Sausage: It has a combination of the richness of herbs, the warmth of chili and the sweetness of carrots.

The mixtures are 60 % grass fed, then there is an additional 40$ of vegetables and spices and grass finished beef. The Beet Gochujang Korean BBQ Ground Beef has an earthy, floral and sweet texture of beets. The Curry Ground Beef has the taste of the marinated and charred grilled meats rich with herbs and sweetened with carrots and spicy with chilli.


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