Everything About Melissa Lingafelt aka Jimi Ono, Drake Bell’s Ex-Girlfriend and Net Worth Revealed!

Melissa Lingafelt drake bell ex-girlfriend wiki unknown facts

Drake Bell is in the news for the wrong reasons yet again. Facing allegations against his alleged child endangerment and disseminating matter harmful to children, Drake Bell pleaded not guilty. However, the trials will commence shortly for the Nickelodeon star. Meanwhile, the limelight is now on Drake Bell’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt. Earlier in 2020, Melissa Lingafelt accused her ex-boyfriend Drake Bell of abuse allegations.

Melissa Lingafelt / Jimi Ono Wiki and Unknown Facts

  • Melissa Lingafelt is a popular American actress and an aspiring model by profession.
  • Melissa Lingafelt is known by the name ‘Jimi Ono’ in her online world.
  • Melissa Lingafelt is 31 years old and was dating the Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell.
  • Melissa Lingafelt acted in Drake Bell I Know, The Miss Teen USA Pageant, and a few other titles.
  • Melissa Lingafelt was the first runner-up ‘Miss Teen USA’ in 2006. She also won the award for the most Photogenic face of the year.
  • Melissa Lingafelt dated Drake Bell for three years from 2007 to 2009.
  • It is interesting to note that Melissa Lingafelt was only 16 years old when she dated Drake Bell.

Melissa Lingafelt & Drake Bell Abuse Allegations / Dating History

Melissa Lingafelt broke out a shocking allegation in September 2020 about Drake Bell’s abuse. Melissa Lingafelt confessed to alleged physical abuse from Drake Bell. However, Drake Bell denied the allegations.

Melissa Lingafelt’s claims about Drake Bell’s abuse in her TikTok video were rubbished by the actor. Drake Bell mentioned a bitter breakup and verbal abuses but he asserted that it did not translate into anything physical.

Melissa Lingafelt’s allegations against Drake Bell scooped up a lot of buzzes as Drake Bell possessed a good image. However, the bad news continued for Melissa Lingafelt’s ex-boyfriend as he faces child risk allegations. Considering this latest allegation, the netizens and entertainment aficionados are now considering the possibility of Melissa Lingafelt’s story being true.

It is interesting to note that Melissa Lingafelt was not an adult when she dated the star which adds to the possibility of truth in her allegation. However, the law will take its rightful course in determining who is on the right side.



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