Everything about Love is Project Bracelets as seen on Shark Tank Products!


Love is the most valued emotion across the globe. The sensation that envelops your soul makes life seem better and more wholesome. We all try to find love in different spaces. May it be in our relationships or our professions. It is the most constant emotion in our lives. Chrissie Lam wanted to use this emotion to create a bond across the world. Thus came to life Love Is Project.

Love is Project Bracelets Founder and Story

Chrissie Lam graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design. She then worked for Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle Outfitters as a concept designer. The job comprised of forecasting trends, directing marketing strategies and launching successful product lines. In 2012, she wanted to do something what she believed in and so she set out on a mission to connect the work of artisans around the world to market access.

Chrissie founded Love Is Project mainly to put across the message of love with LOVE bracelets. These bracelets are handmade by women artisans in underdeveloped parts of the world. Chrissie was able to contribute to their work through her design, production and marketing.When a single person purchases a love bracelet, the purchase then contributes to the financial independence of these women, water and food security, educational opportunities and access to healthcare. The thought is so touching and well done.

What led to Chrissie beginning this brand was the Maasai women of Kenya. She saw the intricate details in the work they did and the vibrant tribal colours which were involved mixed with the love that they had among themselves and the need to cooperate with one another that existed throughout their community. She then designed a red beaded bracelet which meant bravery and strength with the word LOVE woven into it. One bracelet began a revolution. Wearing this bracelet is a symbol of spreading love and reminding us to reflect the love that we have within ourselves.

Love Is Project is run by Chrissie and her mother Gladys along with cooperation from their mentors, friends and collaborators. Chrissie is constantly on the move working with artisan groups across the world to design new products and assemble an ethical supply chain. She is incharge of production, customer service and marketing. Chrissie is an all-in-one person, the photographer, merchandiser and social media coordinator. She is a true fashion philanthropist.

Love Is Project is currently in 10 countries including Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Bhutan and Vietnam.Every bracelet made is crafted using the traditional techniques and materials unique to a particular culture.

Among the collective of bracelets available are the Rainbow, Heart, Zodiac and Seed Bead. Bangles and cuffs comes in gold, silver, wood, horn and tortoise. There are necklaces and a children’s line.  There are also T-shirts and totes that encourage us to “Make America Love Again.” You can find macrame bracelets made by Buddhist nuns from Bhutan. red beadwork of Maasai, gold and silver bracelets from Bali among others to add to your collection.



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