Everything about Koko Face Yoga from Shark Tank Season 11, Unknown facts about Koko Hayashi

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Koko Face Yoga was featured on Shark Tank Season 11 Episode 2, where its founder Koko Hayashi talked about Face Yoga Anti-aging Facial Exercises. Koko claims that Face Yoga methods transforms your face in just 3mins per day. Koko’s clients include Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian.
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How did Koko Hayashi started Koko Face Yoga

Koko Hayashi is from Hokkaido Japan and she was only 27 years old when she had a plastic surgery, an implant to make her chin pointier. This is very common among Japanese women to make chin pointier. The plastic surgeon assured her that, if she didn’t like it, he would remove it, and she would be good as new. She didn’t like it but couldn’t remove it and she was left with a warped chin. She wasn’t going to risk having surgery again, so she turned to facial yoga, which has a massive following in Japan.

Koko began practicing the very successful Face Yoga Method developed by Fumiko Takatsu, a teacher respected around the world; went on to become a certified instructor; and later received a beauty therapist license from CIDESCO, headquartered in Switzerland and recognized across the globe for setting the standard for beauty and spa therapy.

Where is Koko conducting Facial Yoga classes in USA

  • A few years ago, Koko introduced her own brand of face yoga to the United States
  • She is based in Los Angeles and so has attracted celebrity clients including Kim Kardashian
  • She garnered attention from media outlets such as Good Morning America, Access Live Hollywood, and Vogue magazine
  • Her class was selected as the most popular yoga class at The Yoga Expo 2019

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, You wake up the sleeping muscles to lift up the skin, and relax over-working muscles for wrinkle reduction. Unlike injection or those medical beauty procedures, Face Yoga is NOT quick fix. It requires consistent training on a regular basis. But the more you master, the less exercises are needed. You would just need to keep good face posture®, tongue posture® and stop bad facial expression habits. Join the natural beauty journey with us and spread the greatness of Face Yoga together.

The beauty of Facial Yoga is that you can do most of the exercise anytime anywhere. When you do facial massage, you need to first wash your face, and apply skincare cream. But for Face Yoga, most of the exercises do not require any face cream or anything. All you need is your face! Once you learn how to do, you can do the exercises on the go! Ex. when you are working in front of screen, while walking, while cooking, etc. How easy is that? Incorporate those exercises into your daily routines, so it’s easy to continue. Remember, consistency is a key for success.

You can check before and after photos of Face Yoga here – https://kokofaceyoga.com/beforeafter

We see Kevin trying to some Facial Yoga taught by Koko Hayashi. We will know tonight if she gets a deal from any of the Sharks.


  1. There is no way that Koko Hayashi has not had cosmetic injections performed. No way whatsoever. I do believe that the facial yoga exercises she promotes will work well to promote a more youthful appearance. HOWEVER, I hate when people lie. I am a board certified dermatologist and there is no way that her cheeks are that full without injections. Cheek fullness does not depend on muscle strength as much as it depends on the presence of subcutaneous fat. Yoga will not increase this fat.


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