Everything about Knife Aid featured on Shark Tank Season 11, Unknown Facts and Reviews

knife aid shark tank

Knife Aid is a product features on Shark Tank season 11 Episode 4 which will be aired on Sunday October 20, 2019 at 9PM on ABC. Knife Aid is a service using which you can sharpen your blunt Knife. All you have to do is mail your Knife and they will sharpen it and it will look as good as a new Knife. Knife Aid offers the most professional, fastest and hassle-free knife sharpening service in America. They guarantee the best service and complete satisfaction to their customers, provided by a truly happy team.

What does Knife Aid do

  • Knife Aid is combining traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced sharpening technology. Knife sharpening, a skill that has to be handed down person by person, is a ancient art form.
  • Using online and mail services, we are not only helping keep this skill alive, we are also making it accessible and easy to use for even the remotest customers.
  • And while sharpening your blunt knives will not only add joy to your cooking and save you $$, it will also help reduce waste and protect the environment.

How does Knife Aid Works

  • Request in their website about Knife Sharpening, you will get a secure Knife aid envelope. You knifes are insured and trackable online.
  • Their experts Knifesmiths will work their magic and renew that razor sharp edge again. You will get your knifes back sharper than you bought them
  • Enjoy the knife and use them in your kitchen to create amazing food

Who Started Knife Aid and how

  • Mikael Soderlindh and Marc Lickfett decided to start a superior knife-sharpening service available to everyone, regardless of where they live, by tapping into the burgeoning system of online ordering and home delivery
  • Mikael has a long and very successful history in branding
  • Marc is an expert with Ecommerce
  • Magnus Petersson who has 30 years of experience in Knife Sharpening field was roped in, he has achieved celebrity status among chefs in the high-end restaurants in the Los Angeles area
  • Mikael and Marc and their families moved to California, and Knife Aid was established in Malibu with Mikael as CEO, Marc as COO, and Magnus as Master Knifesmith, training and overseeing a team of 14 expert knife sharpeners

Will Mikael and Marc get a deal on Shark Tank

Knife Aid’s subscription service will be interesting for the Sharks as it’s in a evergreen niche, we would have to wait and see how they perform on Sunday.



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