Everything about Juice WRLD girl friend Ally Lotti, Wiki, Bio and Unknown Facts

ally lotti juice wrld girl friend facts

It’s a sad day as Juice WRLD the 21 year old sensational rapper passed away due to seizure. Ally Lotti is the girlfriend of Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD even stated that he quit the painkiller drug codeine because of continuous efforts from his girlfriend Lotti. Here are some unknown facts about Ally Lotti

  • Lotti is an influencer on Instagram with over 200,000 followers. Lotti was with Juice WRLD on 5th December, three days before his death

  • Lotti even written on her bio that “Somewhere’s doing better” which may be about her boyfriend passing away.
  • Juice WRLD quit drug Codeine due to the efforts of Ally Lotti. He wrote “Bae I’m sorry I be tweaking, you’ve put up with more than ppl know I know I be scaring you, f**k Codeine I’m done. I love you and im letting it be known publicly that ain’t shit fucking up the real love I found. Learn from this everyone. Addiction kills all but you can overcome”
  • Juice was quoted in the story as saying, “All my homies be like: ‘What you doing with a girlfriend? You got all this stuff going on. I love her, though. I can admit and say that I have feelings.” Juice did describe that it was difficult to juggle his relationship with his hectic schedule. It’s noted in the story that during in the interview, Juice had been “lavishing attention” on Lotti.
  • Ally Lotti referred Juice WRLD ex girlfriend as silly girl when Juice’s Ex-Girlfriend Spoke About Her Break-Up With the Rapper – While Lotti chimed in and said, “silly girl will do and say anything for his attention. stop worrying abt him and his actions, he’s mine to worry abt.” In the wake of Juice’s death, Starfire tweeted, “Stop asking if I’m ok obviously I’m not f***ing ok.”
  • Juice even wrote a song about a hearbreaking relationship he went through in highschool. The song title as “Lucid Dreams”



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