Everything about IVE member Yujin Profile, Age, Boyfriend and unknown facts Revealed!


Yujin is a South Korean singer and host. He participated in TV shows and he was mainly involved in music career. She is currently the leader of girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment. Lets have a detailed look about Yujin bio and career information in this article.

Yujin’s Age

She was born on September 1, 2003. As of 2022 she is 19 years old.

Yujin’s Height and Weight

  • Yujin’s height is 172 cm and her weight is 48 kg.
  • Yujin’s Zodiac sign is Virgo
  • Her Blood type is A
  • Yujin’s MBTI Type is ISTP

Yujin’s Hometown

She was born in Sannam-dong, North Chungcheong, South Korea.

Yujin’s Instagram

Youjin’s Instagram account having 3.1M followers and page link is,


Yujin’s Relationship Status

As of now there no update on her relationship status.

Yujin’s career

  • She is a multi talented person. She started her career as a model, singer, pop dancer and lyricist.
  • She attended School of performing Arts Seoul. But later she dropped the school for her IZ*One preparation.
  • In 2018 she became a member of IZ*One, represented by Starship Entertainment.
  • She participated in reality girl group survival show Produce 48 and she got 5th place in IZ*One.

  • After the IZ*One show she participated in singing competition, King of Mask Singer. Noticeably she is the youngest contestant in the show. She was only 15 years completed when she was part of the “King of Mask Singer”.
  • Later she announced as a member of MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Cororation). She participated in MBC’s My Little television V2  as a cast member. But due to some reasons she was removed from the show in between.
  • In 2021 she again comeback to starship as a trainee after completion of IZ*One.
  • In 2021 Starship Entertainment announced Yujin’s name alone for their another girt group called ‘IVE’.
  • She was part of hosting the below shows,
    • Inkigayo – South Korean music program broadcasted by SBS.
    • 28TH Dream Concert – K-pop join concert of South Korea.
  • In 2022 she was a part of television shows, Steel Troops and Earth Arcade respectively.
  • She signed in many other projects as a model and member like,
    • Pepsi – 2021
    • Megapass – 2021
    • The Volon – 2021
    • Burberry Beauty – 2021
    • Dewy Tree – 2022

Yujin’s Unknown fact

  • Yujin’s birth name is Ahn Yujin.
  • She loves to play Piano.
  • Yujin is an Athlete as well.
  • She loves to eat vegetables and fruits.

  • Yujin has stated that she is  undergone an eye surgery for lens implant to fix her eyesight issues.


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