Everything about ALL33 BackStrong Ergonomic office Chairs as seen on Shark Tank Products!


You will millions complaining about sitting in a place for long and taking away back and neck pains. The BackStrong Chair by ALL33, is structured in a manner which makes long hours comfortable sans the aches. The chair does not allow slouching and promotes the perfect posture for the whole vertebrae.

BackStrong Chairs Founder and their Story

For a chair with such medical facilities, the founders had to be medical professionals themselves. Dr. Dennis Colonello and Jim Grove founded the ALL33. Dennis is based in Beverly Hills, California. He is better known as the chiropractor to the stars. He is the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers. He has seen how people suffer due to prolonged sitting. The issue has always been the manner of sitting and not the duration.

Jim was the founder of Designworks USA. He has provided the design, modelling, engineering and analysis for big companies. He even founded Heartland USA, they are the suppliers of customised motorcycle accessories. His company, LA Product Design produces office chairs.

Together, they have amasses enough knowledge and expertise to found Sir-in-Motion Technology. This is an advanced work chair. The sear is structured in a manner to move with your butt and it guides the spine into proper posture gently. The person is then given the flexibility to sit in any way possible but it is impossible to slouch. The chair is in perfect harmony with the body.

Benefits of the BackStrong Chair

Not all chairs across the globe provide natural movement and support to the back. The BackStrong Chair provides natural movement of the pelvis and back. This stimulates circulation by not constricting the body from getting the necessary blood flow. It also reduces fatigue as there is no chance of a slumped body which would reduce energy. The muscles are then engaged which increases blood flow which directly increases energy. The arms are able to move 360 degrees which reduces eye strain.

The chair also encourages perfect posture. It cradles the lower back making all of the vertebrae to move in a perfect posture. This reduces the risk of neck pain.Poor postures in reality promote arthritis, jaw pain, headaches, hampered breathing, impaired digestion and sluggish metabolism.

Good postures acts as an insulation to our confidence as well as mood. BackStrong is also 100% recyclable. The BackStrong chairs are also used by a number of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Elon Musk, George Hamilton among others.


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