Divyanka Tripathi new series Coldd Lassi aur Chicken Masala Review – Crackling Chemistry, full of fun and Seductive Love

coldd lass aur chicken masala review

Cinematically, there is only so much you can do with love stories. Boys meet girls, fall in love with each other, differences / misunderstandings / troubles come, they split up; They meet again, differences / misunderstandings / troubles are resolved, and the pair live well again. This is called the template of love, and every love story that you read you will see this template, some things just change, but the rest is the same. Adam and Eve have also gone through the rigours of this old template.

What then is to distinguish one love story from another? Primary, dear Watson! This ‘performance’ is in Prem’s story, it is not a story that can do very well, it is the performance. And Coldd Lassi aur Chicken Masala, a new digital web series that has adopted this approach to showcase its work. Nitya and Vikram (played by Divyanka Tripathi and Rajiv Khandelwal), play the lead character of the series, and a well-known good Chefs who has magic in their hands.

This Delightful romantic comedy also has a restaurant. Along with the story its visuals will impress everyone, which gives the series a visual boost and impresses everyone with its performance.

Apart from the performance, cold lassi aur chicken masala are another thing that makes it different from all web series. This is the first web series created by two OTT platforms together. Yes, this web series has been produced in collaboration with Alt Balaji and Zee 5, which we think is an interesting development for the future of the digital industry.

The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor, and Alt Balaji’s Jaya Mishra has written the screenplay, with Doris De. National Award winner Pradeep Sarkar has directed this series. His closing nature for storytelling can be seen in the many spectacular scenes that make up the narrative.

Returning to the story, Nitya is a skilled chef with an extraordinary talent for the art of gastronomy. She is also the single mother of an eight-year-old son named Vian (Vidhan Sharan). Along with Nitya, a friend and business partner, Revity (Manin Mishra), Indie Spice runs a Time Dine restaurant. Her life changes when financially the restaurant is taken over by Vikram, a world-renowned chef. She has this problem because Vikram is her X husband and father of her son, a person whom she hates a lot, but thinks of something good somewhere. Every form of him puts Nitya into consideration.

Vikram is also not very happy with this situation, Nitya seems to be down in every opportunity he gets, either. And because of this the kitchen of this fine din restaurant becomes the battleground. There was a time when both were lovers and both cooks had a passion.

Between our two beloved heroes comes the passion of Selvo and Wallace. There is a big rift between the two. And as food brought them closer to each other, food separates them from each other. The story revolves between Mumbai and Bhopal in 2010, their love story and distances are shown in the 28 – 30 minute episodes of the debut. Many things become clear. They have to fulfill their goal and touch every high success. He is happy, lucky, lives in the moment, and stays away from his father’s income.

He is inspired, and dreams of Le Cordon Blue Certificate and Michelin Stars. The only thing that drives them is their thoughts from their lady love.

She is very angry. And this very quiet mind. That east is that west. But they meet in cold lassi and chicken masala.

They are brought together by his culinary art. However, soon their thinking becomes different and their differences. She also points out mistakes from Vikram’s side which eventually ends their marriage, Nitya remains pregnant and leaves him alone.

While the stories are as old as they were before, and the story of Cold Lassi and Chicken Masala is fascinating. Especially what focuses on us is that everyone is happy to see the fun visual and delicious food that is being prepared. Mouth watering many tasty food and then even sweet desserts.

Apart from this, what will impress the audience more is the fun chemistry between the pair; With superb writing; Full of seductive love. The writing of the show is the star of the show. Dialogues are very good and great.

A scene from the show is the comic highlight of the series – the scene in the bar when Nitya does an open mic and roasts Vikram like nobody’s business. Believe it, the scene has made us laugh a lot. And he is not the only one. The series has been introduced with many laugh-out-loud moments, its catchy quotient has been highlighted tremendously. The comedy in the series is just as engaging, if more so as the romance.

Rajiv Khandelwal’s acting is very good, especially his quiet, brooding turn. Divyanka’s acting is also fantastic. The series has a large cast. The chemistry between Vikram’s friend, Kejad (Mrinal Dutt) and Nitya’s friend Tanvi (Madhu Sneha Upadhyay) makes the series atmosphere even more beautiful. It features Priyanshu Chatterjee playing the character of Doctor Karan; He is Nitya’s friend and neighbor, and he wants to be a lot if Nitya agrees. She is very quiet. We feel that this series is a definite watch.


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