DID Super Moms S3 Voting: Elimination Voting Procedure For DID Super Moms This Week


DID Super Moms Season 3 (2022) is back this week with yet another energetic performances. However, the end of the second week saw the unfortunate and shocking elimination of Riya Bhattacharjee and Seemrit Kaur. The two talented moms big good bye to their Dance India Dance journey after a promising start since they had the least votes.

Based on the performances of the previous week, the DID Super Moms Season 3 (2022) voting window is now open for the audience to cast their votes for their favorite contestants. DID Super Moms Season 3 (2022) elimination is primarily based on the audience voting which makes the show democratic.

How to vote for DID Super Moms Season 3 Contestants – DID Season 3 Voting Procedure

The voting lines for DID Super Moms Season 3 is open until Monday 9:00AM from the previous Saturday 9:00PM.

There are two ways to vote for your favorite contestant in DID Super Moms Season 3:

  • Login to zee5.com and click on ‘DID Super Moms S3 banner’. Click on the banner select your favorite contestant and click ‘Vote’.
  • Give a missed to the below mentioned missed call numbers for your favorite contestant.

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Contestants Missed Call Numbers – Voting Procedure

Sr no. Contestant Name Missed Call Status
1 Alpana Pandey 9169315017 Competing
2 Anila Rajan 9169315015 Competing
3 Babli Bhattacharjee 9169315013 Competing
4 Deepika Shetty 9169315014 Competing
5 Deepthi Dassan 9169315012 Competing
6 Khyati Gupta 9169315020 Competing
7 Riddhi Tiwari 9169315018 Competing
8 Sadhana Mishra 9169315016 Competing
9 Sadika Khan Shaikh 9169315011 Competing
10 Varsha Bumra 9169315021 Competing

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Third Elimination

The next elimination of DID Super Moms Season 3 will be based on the results of the voting for this week’s performances.

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Elimination List

  • Riya Bhattacharjee
  • Seemrit Kaur


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