Dhokha Review: Madhavan’s film Impresses but in bits and pieces!


There is a dialogue in this film, husband is more mad or wife, but watching the film, you feel that not only husband and wife, all the characters are crazy and amazing cheaters. Husband cheated on wife or wife cheated husband, terrorist cheated policeman or policeman cheated on the system and with whom. This movie shakes your mind and in the end you feel that this time we were not cheated by spending ticket money.

Dhokha Story

A terrorist escapes from the clutches of the police and goes to a house and takes a woman captive. The woman’s husband is upset, he takes the help of the police. What happens then… You are surprised every once in a while to see what happens then. Layer by layer the story shocks you, you cannot move from your seat. You don’t get bored for a second. Do not think of checking your phone and this is the specialty of this film.

R Madhavan has done amazing acting in the role of acting husband. Madhavan does half the work with his looks and the rest with acting. This is Khushali Kumar’s first film. She is the daughter of Gulshan Kumar. Khushali impresses the most in this film. She looks amazingly beautiful and her acting is tremendous. It does not seem that he is a newcomer. This film can open the way for happiness in Bollywood for Khushali. Aparshakti Khurana is in the role of terrorist and this is the best performance of his career. Apar has captured the Kashmiri style very well and he creates a different kind of fear on the screen. This character he could do was unthinkable as he has been seen in comic roles till now but this character has widened his range a lot. Darshan Kumar has done a great job in the role of a policeman. Overall, the acting of each character is tremendous in the film. 

Direction by Kuki Gulati is very good. He did not drag the film anywhere. Somewhere it does not seem that bored or what is happening. You do not understand the story, you do not know what is going to happen next and this is the specialty of this film. Everyone cheats in the film. You just don’t get cheated.


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