Demi Lovato’s Naked Photos have been leaked on Snapchat, Shooks the entire Hollywood Industry

Demi Lovato unedited bikini cellulite day

Hollywood again suffers because of a hacker and this time the victim is Demi Lovato, who is the protagonist of several intimate photos and a video that leaked on the internet through different websites and social networks, in which She finds herself posing in underwear and absolutely naked on a bed and inside a bathroom.

Because of the large number of tattoos she has on her body, it is recognizable that the woman who wears a black body and poses as God brought her to the world in front of a mirror is the twenty-seven-year-old artist who rose to worldwide fame for her role at Camp Rock, the Disney Channel movie starring the Jonas Brothers released in 2008, and these postcards would have been captured from her Instagram and Snapchat accounts.


The singer comes from going through a difficult time in her life since in the middle of last year she was hospitalized after suffering an overdose of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that was causing Prince’s death in April 2016 and that is between twenty-five and fifty times stronger than heroin and fifty to one hundred times more than morphine.

After having spent several weeks in a rehabilitation clinic and knowing the hard testimony of her mother about the doubts she had about the chances of her daughter surviving such an episode, Lovato recovered and also published an emotional dedicated message to his followers on the networks, she traveled and enjoyed the beaches of Bora Bora, where she posted a moving text to reflect on beauty stereotypes and accept herself as she is.

Lovato, in addition, is going through a difficult personal moment after the death of one of his friends because of an overdose . “Addiction is NOT a joke. Heaven won this beautiful angel last night because of that terrible disease. I am overwhelmed and will always miss you @sirtruss. If you or someone you know has difficulties, know that it is okay to ask for help, ” he wrote in his Instagram Stories

The thoughts of the “Sober” woman arrive almost 15 months after she was hospitalized for an overdose , an instance in which she feared for her life.

“Devastated. Please hug your loved ones. Tell them they are special and that you love them . Make sure they know it,” was another of the celebrity’s messages.


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