Day 46, August 15 Athi Varadar Crowd Status and Temple Timings

athi varadar august 15 crowd status

There is an important announcement from Kancheepuram Athi Varadar temple authorities regarding August 15 darshan timings. In view of Adi Garuda Seva there is no Darshan on August 15th from 12 PM to 8 PM. Normal Darshan will resume after that shortly. Also there are no VIP or Donor darshans tomorrow as announced by the collector, there will be online darshan alone (Rs. 300 and Rs. 500) before 12 PM. So if you’re planning for a visit either do it early in the morning or after 8PM. Please be aware that it will be extremely crowded as these are the last two days before Athi Varadar going to his resting place for the next forty years.

We will update as and when we receive more information on crowd status, also be aware that there is a PIL regarding extension of Darshan dates and information regarding that will be updated as and when we get more information. In the meantime subscribe to our posts and wait for more information. Please be aware that tomorrow being Independence day and a holiday extreme crowd is expected.


      • It was a total waste , reached at 915am, still it’s closed sp kannan misguided everyone at West gopuram gate. We waited till 1245pm. Then actually at 1112 am they pushed everyone aside and then they let everyone in at 12noon. So at 5pm returmed from kancheepuram. It’s a mismanagement of 20k people all day that entered west gate VIP, vvip, donor, special darshan. Blisters all along the underfoot. Two kids totally suffocated at the scorching heat and parking is 4km away. So imagine walking with 4yr old kids for 8km in sun and still it’s a waste. While there was a mention of this holy event even in the independence day speech of Hon PM, almost 20k people suffered today .

  1. Mr. Bryce,

    Could u plz tell whether those who entered the que before 12 pm on aug 15th will get darshan or they also should wait in the queue till 8pm until Garuda Seva is completed??

    PLZZ help..thanks

  2. Good informative post for the day – Bryce !!!
    My suggestion
    Make sure to carry some sprays for pain in ur legs.
    Wear a slipper that you can throw away once you near the temple, as we have to walk on roads for a long time.
    Water bottles that you can carry filled in with as much as water.
    Enough biscuits and snacks.
    I would say drink less water as there are no supportive washroom facilities nearby Donor pass/VIP/V-VIP darshan.
    Carry an umbrella if you are planning a visit during noon. Its too hot.
    And finally finally better watch athi in photo/ video than to put urself in trouble standing in an unorganized queue. As the last days will be crowded by all norms of people.


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