Dancee Plus Telugu 22nd May 2021: Pre-Finale Elimination, Winner Predictions and Special Performances!


South India’s most loved dance reality show, Dancee Plus Telugu will enter a suspense-filled finale week this weekend. The finale of Dancee Plus will take place on Sunday, the 23rd of May 2021 at 6 PM IST. However, the top six finalists will fight it out during the ‘Pre-finale’ on Saturday which will have multiple eliminations.

The highly competitive dance show featured a huge bunch of talented contestants in different teams linked to the judges. Twelve contestants started off their journey in Dancee Plus Telugu. Six judges graced the reality show and supported their teams through the journey. Baba Bhaskar, Raghu, Yashwanth, Monal, Mumaith Khan, and Anee were the six judges.

Dancee Plus Pre-Finale Episode Special Performances and Elimination

As Mumaith lost all the contestants from the show, five judges will be wooing for their finalists in the coveted dance reality show. Dancee Plus Telugu’s only judge to have two finalists in his team is Yashwanth. Sanket and Vasi are the two finalists from Yashwanth’s team.

The episode on Saturday will feature some amazing performances from the talented finalists of Dancee Plus Telugu. According to reports, Sanket is a clear favorite to become the title winner of Dancee Plus Telugu.

Dancee Plus Finalists

  • Jiya Thakur – Team Anee
  • Niveditha – Team Baba Bhaskar
  • Darjeeling Devils – Team Raghu
  • Sanket Sahadev – Team Yashwanth
  • Vasi – Team Yashwanth
  • Velocity – Team Monal

Dancee Plus Finale Winner

According to reports, Sanket is the Dance Plus Finale winner. However, we will wait for the official confirmation on Sunday’s finale episode.


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