Dancee Plus Telugu 16th May Elimination Updates: Final Nominations, Special Performances of This Week!


Dancee Plus Telugu returns this weekend with some special performances in Star Maa and Hotstar. The biggest dance reality show in Telugu, Dancee Plus Telugu will feature the top 7 contestants’ amazing dance moves. The judges Monal, Baba Bhaskar, Raghu, Yashwanth, Mumaith and Anee will feature their top contestants in an epic battle against elimination this week.

Out of the top 13 contestants, six were eliminated so far. However, one contesting team will be eliminated from Dancee Plus Telugu this weekend. The competition stiffens in Dancee Plus Telugu as the final nominations will take place this week.

Dancee Plus Telugu 16th May Episode Highlights: Special Performances

The episode on Sunday, the 16th of May 2021 will feature an electrifying performance from ‘Darjeeling Devils’. The Magadheera act from Team Raghu received massive accolades. However, it will be interesting to see if they will make it to the finalists list of Dancee Plus Telugu.

One of the judges of Dancee Plus Telugu, Monal Gajjar performed graciously which was a delight to watch. Monal Gajjar’s team faced a shocking yet disappointing elimination of her team MMK earlier in the show. However, the ex-Bigg Boss Telugu contestant possesses just one of the contestants representing her team his week.

Dancee Plus Telugu Elimination This Week

Six teams were eliminated from Dancee Plus Telugu so far. However, Team Velocity made a reentry. As a result, seven contestants are participating in the quest to reach the finals of the coveted dance reality show, Dancee Plus Telugu. On this note, one of the teams will be eliminated on Sunday’s episode.

Team Monal has one team performing while Yashwanth master has two teams performing. Baba Bhaskar and Anees have one team each. There is a high chance of one of the teams of Yashwanth master getting eliminated this week in Dancee Plus Telugu.

Dancee Plus Telugu Elimination List

Sr. No Contestant Name Team Status
1 Sanket Sahdev Team Yashwanth Competing
2 Anchy Mumbai Crew Team Bhaskar Eliminated
3 Lungi Mama Team Monal Eliminated
4 Jiya Thakur Team Anee Competing
5 8 Countz Team Mumaith Eliminated
6 Tejeswini and Maheshwari Team Raghu Eliminated
7 Niveditha Team Bhaskar Competing
8 Ram-Laxman Team Mumaith Eliminated
9 Vasitony Crew Team Yashwanth Competing
10 Team Velocity Team Monal Competing
11 MMK Group Team Monal Eliminated
12 Darjeeling Devils Team Raghu Competing
13 Priya Barman Team Mumaith Competing


Dancee Plus Telugu Finalists

The nominations for the finalists of Dancee Plus Telugu will take place this weekend.


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