Dance Plus Telugu Finale Winner: Dance Plus Winner and Runner Up leaked on social media

Dancee Plus Telugu Winner

Dancee Plus airs on Star Maa hosted by anchor and choreographer Omkar. The winner of the finale will be announced today, 23rd May 2021. The show’s winner, which has a good TRP, is now a sensation among dance fans. Although Omkar has previously hosted reality shows related to dance, he designed the program in the top range this time. The show had received resounding appreciation from the audience due to lively judges like Master Baba Bhaskar, Raghu Master, Yashwant, Monal Gajjar, and Mumaith Khan. They were chosen as the judges to make the show even more craze.

Details of the Eliminated contestants

Star Maa Dancee Plus Telugu Elimination

Sr. No Contestant Name Team Status
1 Sanket Sahdev Team Yashwanth Competing
2 Anchy Mumbai Crew Team Bhaskar Eliminated
(7th March 2021)
3 Lungi Mama Team Monal Eliminated
(24th January 2021)
4 Jiya Thakur Team Anee Competing
5 8 Countz Team Mumaith Eliminated
(7th February 2021)
6 Tejeswini and Maheshwari Team Raghu Eliminated
(2nd May 2021)
7 Niveditha Team Bhaskar Competing
8 Ram-Laxman Team Mumaith Eliminated
(21st March 2021)
9 Vasitony Crew Team Yashwanth Competing
10 Team Velocity Team Monal Competing
(4th April 2021)
11 MMK Group Team Monal Eliminated
(18th April 2021)
12 Darjeeling Devils Team Raghu Competing
13 Priya Barman Team Mumaith Eliminated
(16th May 2021)


1st Elimination: Lungi Mamas
2nd Elimination: 8 Countz
3rd Elimination: Anchy Mumbai
4th Elimination: Ram Lakshman.
5th Elimination: Team Velocity
6th Elimination: MMK
7th Elimination: Tejaswini and Maheswari
8th Elimination: Priya Burman

Best Performer of the week

16th May 2021- Jiya Thakur awarded God of Dance trophy
15th May 2021- Darjeeling Devils awarded the God of Dance trophy
8th May 2021- Nivedita awarded the God of Dance trophy
2nd May 2021 – Team Velocity was awarded God of Dance trophy.

The Dance Plus show finale was full of stars. Jatiratnas Fame Chitti Faria Abdullah dusted off with a dance performance. Allu Arjun impresses step by step with the song Top Song Rises. Speaking on occasion, Monal Gajjar said, “If Vasi Toni Dal Fry … you commented as Tadka and Chitti Abba put an expression.”

Dancee Plus Finale Contestants

  • Jiya Thakur – Team Anee
  • Niveditha – Team Baba Bhaskar
  • Darjeeling Devils – Team Raghu
  • Sanket Sahadev – Team Yashwanth
  • Vasi – Team Yashwanth
  • Velocity – Team Monal

Among those who made it to the Dance Plus Show finale was Zia Thakur from Team Ani, reportedly from Team Baba Bhaskar, Darjeeling Devils from Team Raghu, Sanket Sahadev Team Yashwant, Vasi Tony from Team Yashwant, and Team Velocity from Team Monal. Sunday at 6 p.m.

The grand finale of the Dance Plus show will air on Star Maa on Sunday at 6 p.m. Video streaming of the finale is also taking place on Live Disney + Hotstar. The show can be viewed directly through this app.

Dancee Plus Telugu Winner

  • Dance Plus Winner – Sanket Sahadev
  • Dance Plus Runner – Zia Thakur

Details of the winners of the Dance Plus show were leaked before the show aired. Details are going viral on social media that master team member Zia Thakur is the runner-up as Sanket Sahadev, under the supervision of Team Yashwant, has emerged as the winner. The winner will receive a prize money of Rs 20 lakhs. The prize money for the runner-up was kept secret.


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