Dance Plus 5 Vote December 1st: Who Are the Top Performers of this Weekend? Vote Now!


Last weekend of Dance Plus 5 saw the presence of of Mithun Da. Super Judge Remo calls Natya Kala Kendra to perform. They perform on Mithun Da’s Jimmy Song. Mithun Da is very impressed by their performance. He appreciates their dancing to fusion with modern songs.Remo selects the team and puts them in Team Dharmesh.

Remo then calls out Naitik. He too performs on Mithun Da song. Mithun Da compliments him by saying that he reminds him of Dharmesh. Dharmesh and Naitik then dance together.

Siba Prasad performs on Dil Se’s title track. His performance is applauded by all the team captains by giving him a round of applause.Dynamic Dance Crew performs on Agar Tum Saath Ho. Dharmesh appreciates their performance.

Deepika and Rupesh perform on Tumse Milkar Na Jaane Kyun. Rupesh Bane performs on Bekhayali from Kabir Singh. Punit loved his performance.

Remo next calls Sanchita and Subrata. They perform on Ishaqzaade. Due to their mind-blowing performance, they are selected in the top 16. Tron brothers performed on O re Piya. Janam performs on Sach Keh Raha Hain Deewana.

Remo declares the results. Everyone is selected. Tron brothers and Candy Bots are selected as challengers. The top 16 contestants are finalized and the show begins now.

This weekend Jackie Shroff will be present in the Dance Plus 5 set to witness the top 16 showing off their dance prowess.

Dance Plus 5 Online Vote Results- Who will be the Top Performers this week?

Many performers were appreciated for their performances last week. Siba Prasad received a Round of Applause while two other performers were very well appreciated.

Siba Prasad

If this dancer has received a Round of Applause on his first performance, we can expect that too happen a lot of times. He is a very talented dancer. He can prove to be a serious competition to all other contestants. Karishma Chavan as a mentor can call herself to be lucky as Siba Prasad is in her team.

Natya Kala Kendra

This dance crew has a unique dance style which impressed Mithun Da as well. They have an ability to dance well on fusion songs.

Naitik Singhal

This 14-year-old young boy is the youngest contestant on this show. His main forte is Locking and Popping. He can be termed as favorite on this show.

Sanchita and Subrata

They have an amazing coordination between them. Their first dance on Ishaqzaade was mind blowing. They can be the favorite couple on this show.

Dance Plus 5 Top Performer of the Week Vote – November 30th and December 1st

Who is the Dance Plus 5 Top Performer Of the Week?

B Fab Crew
Bhim Bahadur
Creative Dance Crew
Jahangir Alam
Monark Trivedi
Sameep Dhakne
Deepika and Rupesh Soni
The Ace Dance Crew
Sanchita and Subarto
SIBA Prasad,
Suraj and Priyanka
Dynamic Dance Crew
Naitik Singhal
Nritya Kala Kendra
Rupesh Bane

Who do you think is your favorite among the sixteen contestants of Dance 5 Plus? Let us know in the comments below.


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