Dance Plus 5 Top 4 Finalists Voting: These Contestants Made It to the Top 4 For the Grand Finale! Vote Now!

dance plus 5 top 4 contestants

Dance Plus 5 has reached the stage where the top 4 contestants have been selected through thorough scrutiny by the judges and audience. The Dance Plus 5 Voting Link numbers have now been given to the viewers. To vote for your favorite contestants from Team Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak, Suresh Mukund and Karishma Chavan . The other method is to logon to vote on website and Support your favorite contestant on Hotstar Voting App.

Dance Plus 5 9th February Episode Highlights – Sanchita and Subarto , Janam Make it to the Top 4 Finalists

Dance Plus 5 is entering a very crucial stage of the competition for this season. In today’s episode, the guests are the cast of Malang movie – Disha Patani, Aditya Roy Kapur and Anil Kapoor. The contestants are bracing for extremely tough competition are the quest for the top 4 finalists of Dance Plus 5 heats up.

Bhim’s performance left Anil Kapoor amazed. Will he be able to make it to the top 4 finalists this time around? You can vote for Bhim Bahadur – Team Punit Pathak – 1800-120-888810 by giving a missed call before 9AM on 10th February.

Dance Plus 5 girls had a great time on stage with Aditya Roy Kapoor and Kunal Khemu.

Janam’s Scintillating Performance Takes Them to the Finals!

Janam’s ever-outstanding performance and consistency deserved a place in the finals. Much to the delight of the audience, Janam made it to the top 4 list with ease. Team Punit Pathak has something to rejoice.Janam and “outstanding performance” fit like a glove! Are they your favourites too?

Sanchita and Subrata were the other contestants to have sealed their place in the top 4 for the Dance Plus 5 finale.

Dance Plus 5 Top 4 Finalists List

As of February 9th, two contestants have sealed their place for the Grand finale of Dance Plus 5.

  • Janam (Team Punit)
  • Sanchita – Subrot (Team Punit)
  • Rupesh (Team Dharmesh)
  • Deepika – Rupesh (Team Karishma)

Who do you think will join the above two contestants in the grand finale? Let us know in the comments below.

Dance Plus 5 Offline Voting Method With Missed Call

To cast your vote for your favorite contestant, the first method is to make a missed call. A few seconds of your time will support your favorite.
Follow the steps to cast your vote:
• Choose the voting line number from the ones given below
• Make a call to the number that you have noted down
• Your call will be disconnected automatically

1. Sanchita and Subarto – Team Punit Pathak – 1800-120-888801 (FINALISTS)
2. Janam – Team Punit Pathak – 1800-120-888806 (FINALISTS)
3. Bhim Bahadur – Team Punit Pathak – 1800-120-888810
4. Rupesh and Deepika – Team Karishma Chavan – 1800-120-888808
5. CandyBots – Team Karishma Chavan – 1800-120-888805
6. The Ace Dance Crew – Team Suresh Mukund – 1800-120-888803
7. Monark Trivedi – Team Suresh Mukund – 1800-120-888804
8. Tron Brothers – Team Suresh Mukund – 1800-120-888802
9. Rupesh Bane – Team Dharmesh Yelande – 1800-120-888807
10. Nritya Kala Kendra – Team Dharmesh Yelande – 1800-120-888809

No. of votes per login- 10
Voting start time- Saturday 20:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 AM, Monday 12:00 AM
Voting end time- Monday 23:59 PM, Tuesday 23:59 PM, Wednesday 9:00 AM

Dance Plus 5 Online Voting Method: Hotstar App

The second method to vote is online. Use the Hotstar app for the same. You have to follow the simple steps to vote:
• Open the Hotstar app or download it
• Login with your Google account or use your Facebook account to login to the website
• Open Dance Plus 5
• You will see the option to vote. Click on Vote now
• A list of contestants will be shown with their photograph
• Select the contestant whom you want to vote for or like the photo

To support your favorite Dance Plus 5 Contestants give a missed call to the above number to give them your support. The voting lines of Dance Plus 5 will be open from Saturday until Monday morning. The Voting line numbers for Dance Plus 5 are given above. Your missed call will be your support towards your favorite contestant.


  1. I can see the reason why
    Shati walked away from this show can supper judge tell us that only Punit unit are the best?why can’t Mr supper Judge spread his selection across board ?All the captains did so well? Is high time Mr supper judge reviewed the way is passing his judgement.The whole world is watching the show.

    • I completely Agree with you miss roselyn and this time the scapegoat was mukund sir. The super judge is judging on the basis of the contestant’s life story and not the performance,in the previous season it was chetan’s drama,this year it is rupesh bane’s sad story! (His father had committed suicide when he was young,since then it is his mother who is fathering him,her duty as a security guard and all).The judging has become so predictable!!! Disappointing stuff really!! just because of the walking away of shaki ma’am and people questioning about the same,trust me this season team karishma’s deepika and rupesh would be the winners even if they under perform!! Just to prove all the people wrong!


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