Dance Deewane 3: Potential Elimination Updates, Best of the Top 10 Performances This Week!


Dance Deewane Season 3 is on a roll. The contestants and performances have caught our attention. This weekend episode of Dance Deewane Season 3 has two exceptional guests, Sunil Shetty and Jackie Shroff. These two stars provide support and help the contestants out in this crucial part of the competition. The competition is getting intense as the show is gearing towards an epic finale.

The host, Raghav, seems to be on a roll with his jokes hitting all the correct notes. The show has to churn out some amazing performances. The performers are also talented to stoke interest.

Dance Deewane Season 3 Top 10 Performances

Madhuri Dixit and Jackie Shroff are recreating the epic moment from the Dev Anand movie Guide. Shroff expressed his enthusiasm noting that Guide was always his favorite movie. Their moves lit the stage on fire and set the tone for the evening.


The participants are dancing to tunes of these star’s famous hits. Antara’s gymnastic performance caused some major awe in the stars, who happily cheer her on. She has taken a bold performance and elevated her style as a performer.


Arundhati and Pratik were the standouts as they danced to Border’s ‘Sandese Aate Hain.’ This got them a standing ovation. They took the evening for every patriotic turn. Suniel Shetty especially was emotional. He talked about the time during the Kargil war, and he discussed the sacrifice of soldiers. It made for an emotional and impactful evening.


Dance Deewane 3: Top 10

1 Sohail Khan Aligarh 1st In Top 10
2 Gunjan Sinha Guwahati 1st In Top 10
3 Aman Kumar Raj Ranchi 1st In Top 10
4 Somansh Dangwal New Delhi 1st Eliminated
(23rd May 2021)
5 Presha Shah Ahmedabad 1st Eliminated
(9th May 2021)
6 Uday Singh Neemuch 2nd In Top 10
7 Piyush Gurbhele Nagpur 2nd In Top 10
8 Papai-Antara Barasat 2nd Eliminated
(23rd May 2021)
9 Arundhati Garnaik Mumbai 2nd In Top 10
10 Sahil & Anjali Delhi 2nd In Top 10
11 Panvelkars Panvel 2nd Eliminated
(9th May 2021)
12 Jamna Mumbai 3rd In Top 10
13 Ajay-Shilpa Phalke Kolhapur 3rd Eliminated
(9th May 2021)
14 Pallavi Tolye Mumbai 3rd In Top 10
15 Yogesh Asawale Mumbai 3rd Eliminated
(9th May 2021)
16 Soochana Chorrge Mumbai 3rd In Top 10


Dance Deewane 3 Elimination List

  • Ajay Shilpa Phalke
  • Jamna
  • Panvelkars
  • Papai-Antara
  • Presha Shah
  • Somansh Dangwal
  • Uday Singh
  • Yogesh Asawale

Dance Deewane 3 Wildcard Entries

  • Creative Dance Crew
  • Papai-Antara
  • Saddam Sheikh
  • Somansh Dangwal

Stay tuned in this space; we shall update you on all the details.


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