Dance Deewane 3 Elimination: Presha Shah, Yogesh and Panvelkar group were eliminated which shocked many fans

Dance Deewane 3 elimination mothers day

On the stage of Dance Deewane 3, not one or two but three contestants have been eliminated from the Mothers Day Special episode. Dance Deewane 3 was seen as the dance competition between the three generations. Today, all the contestants were exited from these three-generation groups. Among these three contestants, 6-year-old Prasha Shah, Panvelkar Group from the second generation, and Yogesh were eliminated from the third generation. But the fans of Dance Deewana 3 believe it is a completely wrong decision because Yogesh and Panvelkar could not get a chance to see their performance when compared to the rest of the contestants.

A few weeks ago, many contestants tested positive for COVID 19 on the set of Dance Deewane 3, but no official information was given by the makers about how many contestants were affected by COVID 19, but ever since this news for many weeks both Panvelkar and Yogesh have been away from the stage of DD3, which means that they too may have tested positive for COVID 19. Now that they have returned to the stage after winning the battle of Corona, they have been shown the way out of this reality show giving the reason for overall performance.

The fans of Dance Deewana believe that Yogesh and Panvelkar Group have been given injustice. It was not their fault to have tested positive for COVID 19. Yogesh and Panvelkar had less time to work than the rest of the contestants were given to prove themselves, so the fans believe that somewhere, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, they could have been given one more chance instead of elimination.

Presha Shah, just 6 years old, is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With his performance, he made Madhuri Dixit his fan. 37-year-old Yogesh Asawale is from Mumbai Maharashtra. Yogesh Aswale says that he stopped working during the lockdown. Before the lockdown, Yogesh Asawale used to drive a school van and had to go through an economic downturn during the lockdown. Panvelkar group contestants living in Panvel were known for their fun performances.



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