Dalljiet Kaur reveals shocking details about bigg boss 13 contestants, read details

Dalljiet Kaur Bigg Boss 13

The second weekend war of Salman Khan’s TV show Bigg Boss 13 was extremely bad for Dalljiet Kaur. She has been the first contestant to be homeless from this house. In such a situation, his fans are very sad about this. But the actress is happy to return to her son Jayden. At the same time, after being homeless from home, in a recent interview, the actress has made shocking revelations about the family. While she has told the best contestant Siddharth Shukla, Daljit Kaur said these things-

First to be disappointed with elimination
Dalljiet Kaur is surprised to be the first to be eliminated. She believes that she did not feel this at all. She claims that she was playing very decently at home and was a deserving candidate.

The relationships of house members are false
The actress has described the relationships built inside the house as fake. He says that people were building relationships at home for their own convenience and benefits.

‘Did not go to play Splitvilla at home’
Dalljiet said that the format of the house was quite different at the initial stage. She did not go to play Splitvilla here nor did she make false love relationship. Because of which he had problems.

The relationship between Paras-Shehnaz and Shefali-Siddharth is false
The actress has termed the relationships of these four people being built inside the house as fake. The actress has said that these people are fooling the family and viewers and trying to move forward on the basis of false relationship.

Siddharth Shukla is the best contestant
The actress has said that Siddharth Shukla is the best and strong contestant in the house. Although she believes that her anger can go against her, but Siddharth is playing most strongly.

Shahnaz is vicious
Dalljiet said that she is not like the girl she shows herself. He is very vicious. They say that she manipulates a lot.

Siddharth Dey’s tongue is uncontrollable
At the same time, the actress for Siddharth Dey said that Siddharth Dey does not control his tongue. They speak anything.

Boss lady is koena
Dalljiet said that Koena does not help anyone in the house but instead stays as the boss. His attitude will cause trouble for him ahead.

Salman Khan is a gentleman
Apart from this, Dalljiet Kaur has praised Bollywood superstar Salman Khan heartily. She says that Salman Khan is a gentleman and took good care of Jayden.


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