Coronavirus Lockdown Tamil Nadu 29th April 2020 – Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy meeting with ministers, will there be extension in lockdown?

coronavirus complete lockdown chennai 26th april 2020

Chennai: Will curfew be relaxed after May 3? Extension? Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has had important discussions with the district administration. He held key consultations yesterday with IAS officials. As a next step, he consulted with district administrators over the video to control Corona.

They have advised on the action to be taken in the most affected districts. The epidemic is restricted to other districts other than Chennai. Chennai is a big city and the most populous district is affected. He suggested that Corona could be prevented altogether if the state followed its instructions.

In the rural areas, the corona impact is largely restricted. He also praised the better governance of the region in spite of the growing crowds in some cities. Speaking further, he said that through the excellent work of the district administrators, the essential commodities were made available to the public freely.

Coronavirus can be completely blocked if it follows state guidelines. Coronavirus prevalence in rural areas is restricted. Urban mobility is high in the urban areas. He said people should follow the social gap and curfew.


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