Cooku With Comali Season 3 Elimination 14th May and 15th May 2022: Immunity Task Winner?

'Cooku With Comali Season 3' immunity task winner elimination

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ is back this week with a hilarious ‘Immunity task’ for the fifth elimination on the 14th and 15th of May 2022 as the contestants face the immunity challenge this week. ‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ featured the no elimination three weeks ago. However, last week’s immunity task concluded without any winner because of poor performances.

The ‘Advantage task’ round will be crucial the cooks. Two wildcard entries entered the show last week. Cook With Comali 3 features the fifth elimination next week. However, the competition is tough and worth watching. The fifth elimination of Cook With Comali Season 3 is a suspense and will go down to the wire. The wildcard entries and Ammu Abirami are the bottom 3 contestants so far.

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ 14th May & 15th May Episodes – Pairing List

  • Ammu and Sunitha
  • Grace and Sheetal
  • Shrutika and Shivangi
  • Vidyulekha and Adirchi Arul
  • Roshini and Barath
  • Chutty Aravind and Manimegalai
    Tharshan and Bala
  • Muthukumar and Kureshi

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3 Advantage Task Winner

The first advantage task featured making the most amount of ice golas. These four teams won the first task of the advantage task. Unfortunately, Ammu and Shruthika lost the first round.

  • Arvind
  • Tharshan
  • Vidyulekha
  • Muthukumar

Tharshan and Bala won the advantage task. However, Vidyulekha and Arul reached quite close to the winners.

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3 Elimination Challenge

Ammu was in the bottom two for elimination last week. Elimination challenge will feature an intense battle next week. However, the immunity task winner will get a crucial advantage next week.

Dharshan and Grace stole the immunity round cooking with excellent dishes. However, Aravind and Ammu Abirami entered the bottom two and it was an emotional suspense. There will be no elimination this week. Santosh is eliminated for Cook With Comali 3 two weeks ago.

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ Wildcard Entry

  • Chutty Aravind
  • Muthukumar

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ Elimination List

Santosh was the fourth elimination of ‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ last week. However, fifth elimination in ‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ will be updated soon.

‘Cooku With Comali Season 3’ Fifth Elimination

There are high chances of Roshini or Ammu getting eliminated in the next week. Mano Bala, Rahul and Antony are the three eliminations in CWC Season 3 so far.

Cooku With Comali 3 Elimination List

  • Rahul Thatha
  • Manobala
  • Antony Das
  • Santosh


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