Cooku With Comali Elimination 21st May Episode: Who Will Be Eliminated This Week?



Cook With Comali 4 21st May Episode Highlights

The episode on 21st May starts off with an interesting main ingredient choosing challenge. The task involves choosing one ingredient from the banana family. Raw banana, banana stem, banana and banana flowers are the four ingredients.

The advantage task winners Andreanne and Kureshi swapped the ingredients for Mime Gopi putting him under pressure. However, the limelight was on the two wild card entries Gajesh and Kiran to prove their worth in the competition of Cook with Comali Season 4.

Cook With Comali 4  bottom two contestants are Kiran and Gajesh for the least scoring dishes produced in the elimination round. As a result, Gajesh was eliminated from the show in his very first elimination challenge.

Vichitra and Monisha Blessy won the chef of the week.

Cook With Comali 4 Pairing List – 20th and 21st May 

    • Andreanne – Kureshi.
    • Gajesh – GP Muthu.
    • Kiran – Thangadurai.
    • Mime Gopi – Sunita
    • Sivangi – Pugazh
    • Vichithra – Monisha Blessy.

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination List

1 Vichitra Competing
2 Sivaangi Krishnakumar Competing
3 Andreanne Nouyrigat Competing
4 Kishore Rajkumar Eliminated
(12 February 2023)
5 VJ Vishal Eliminated
(9 April 2023)
6 Srushti Dange Competing
7 Sherin Shringar Competing
8 Raj Ayyappa Eliminated
(26 March 2023)
9 Kaalaiyan Eliminated
(12 March 2023)
10 Mime Gopi Competing
11 Gajesh Eliminated 21st May 2023
12 Kiran Competing


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