Cook With Comali Season 4″ Concludes: Winners Revealed Alongside Contestant Salaries

Cook With Comali Season 4 salaries

The immensely popular show, “Cook With Comali,” airing on Vijay TV, continues to cook up a storm among its audience. As its currently running fourth season garners substantial viewer attention, the show is marking another successful outing.

Season 4 Finale of “Cook With Comali” – Winners Announced

The fourth season of “Cook With Comali,” which kicked off with ten contestants, has concluded its finale, according to sources. Vichitra, Mime Gopi, Kiran, Srushti, Shivangi, and Adrian emerged as the contenders who battled it out for the coveted title. As per the latest reports, the title of the season’s winner has been awarded to Mime Gopi. Meanwhile, Srushti claimed the second spot, and Vichitra secured the third position.

Salaries Per Episode of “Cook With Comali 4” Contestants Revealed

In the midst of the season’s finale, revelations about the contestants’ remuneration per episode are garnering significant attention. Reports indicate that Shivangi has been earning Rs 20,000 per episode, VJ Vishal – Rs 25,000, and Raj Ayyappa – Rs 26,000. Meanwhile, Vichitra, Srushti, and Andrian have been taking home Rs 30,000 each per episode. Sherin, on the other hand, has been earning a notable Rs 35,000, and the newly crowned champion Mime Gopi’s per episode remuneration stands between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000.

As the details about the salaries emerge, fans are eager to see what the next season of “Cook With Comali” has in store.


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